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  • I have reset my Apple ID at least three hundred times before Myki. In a virtual world of hundreds of passwords, each demanding varying criteria, an app to mind all the detail is a true convenience.
  • i love moz firefox
  • Ibraham
  • It's really nice, I found out about it here and it seems to work perfectly fine. Although I think Myki V2 will be a lot better! I also hope they will add more browsers like Edge. They should also make their system work without direct internet connection, turning their system into a truly decentralized system.
  • So convenient to have access to all of my passwords just by granting permission on my phone without the need to trust any other parties!
  • I have been waiting for so long to install this extension on Firefox.
    I love this app! It makes everything much simpler.
  • Finally!! now i can use it on Firefox, i love this app very easy to use and saves time. I recommend everyone to use it 100%
  • I use myki to manage my accounts on chrome and now I can use it on firefox as well
    great job guys