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  • It is the most beautiful password manager I have ever seen. Super comfortable, promises great privacy.
  • Definitely one of the better offline password managers, adds a level of 2FA to the manager itself that many competitors don't have, with the added security of having everything stored offline.
    There are only three issues I have so far: 1) Notifications can sometimes take longer than they should to get sent to your phone (a bug known to the developers); 2) there are a small handful of websites where login fields aren't detected - the Firefox login page being one of them, at least for me; 3) While the password generator is very well done, it would be nice to have the ability to generate 'pronounceable' or 'memorable' passwords, like you can in Enpass in the event that you have to login on a browser or computer which doesn't have the Myki extension. I feel this is one of the biggest limitations. While Enpass allows you to install the software and run it from a USB, which can then be easily used on another computer, the same cannot be said for Myki, where you will have to remember a long string of random letters, numbers, and/or symbols to login somewhere else.
  • This add-on is truly amazing. By far, the best password manager I have ever experienced!
  • i love this password manager
  • Myki Password manager.....And some.
    A fantastic life saving piece of software that everyone should have on their machine, be it apple, mogisoft, Android (that's where it saved my life, numerous times) or whatever. It really is bloody incredible!!!
  • Good idea, cost-free, fast and secure password manager with android app to unlock the "vault" for passwords, good password generator and the best thing about it: FINGER PRINT SUPPORT.
  • Really convenient add-on for password management. Still a bit rough sometimes, but it's getting there. The main concept and the amazing support team deserve 5 stars!
  • Good, but would be even better if the auto add feature that the Chrome extension has could be incorporated in the Firefox add-on. As it stands currently, it is clunky to add passwords manually to build the database.

    Otherwise, great concept!
  • Yes
  • nice addon!!