103 reviews
  • Beautifully designed and works a treat on Firefox :)
  • Grundsätzlich bin ich sehr zufrieden, aber seitdem letzten Update (06. Juli 2019) funktioniert das pairen zwischen Firefox-Erweiterung und Desktop App unter Win10 nicht mehr. Bitte dringend beheben! Danke.
  • Absolutely wonderful password saver and more
  • Mantap
  • great and simple!
  • i've been using it for a long time and it works great, it's realiable, it's very secure, something you can't realy say about most things nowadays
  • Excellent, just needs a few tweaks for the Windows Desktop (beta)
  • Best password manager I've used before but I can't say the same for this browser extension. Without search by domain and delete function (or maybe I am missed it) I have to open mobile app for these and thats what I really don't want to do.