Don't mention it, G. Traynor Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I'm aware this is not a forum, yet one word to clarify criticism a a whole.
@G. Traynor : my little investigation was built around the idea of a positive attitude towards 'Google Disconnect'. I would have appreciated that you not call upon my comments to legitimate your score, which appears hence rather nonconstructive.
I was and am not trying to break 'Google Disconnect' but to participate to its elaboration should it be only by experiencieng it : I have no knowledge of coding.
Generally speaking I am as many others concerned by privacy, and 'Google Disconnect' authors are both skilled and honest, obvious for anyone who seeks further into the background of the 'Disconnect' project in its diversity.
I remain convinced that a positive criticism, that is an honest feedback, will only be an advantage (when not mis-considered by other users) for any project, and 'Disconnect' in particular since I feel committed tightly to the state of mind which is behind it.
As I have posted before, 'Google Disconnect' works perfectly on a new profile. My point after was only to layout a personal experience, which in fact was more a puzzle than an 'investigation'
I am following the advance of 'Google Disconnect' and 'Disconnect' as a whole with greatest interest and no "corner smile".

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To whom it may concern ... Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I have been struggling with the fact that the icon of 'Google Disconnect' never appeared in my navigation bar.
I have at this point finally spotted the cause, on my system of course.
'Google Disconnect' will appear when applicable when TWO conditions (at least) are satisfied :

1- must be set to 'true' (which is the default) ;
2- Adblock+ must be disabled completely.

If either of these conditions is not filled, the icon of 'Google Disconnect' will not appear when the visited site is concerned. Does this mean that 'Google Disconnect' is not working or does it mean that, above conditions being met, 'Google Disconnect' does not need to work, I have no idea..

Nevertheless, in the best scenario this does mean that if a user has set to true and that Adblock+ is not installed (or not the correct filters), 'Google Disconnect' fills it duty wonderfully.

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Thanks for all the investigating!

#1 is by design (ours). But there are sturdier ways to implement, which we’ll reconsider.

#2 is also by design (Mozilla’s). And there’s no workaround for us. Filtering add-ons filter in the order they’re installed, so ABP is already purging the pages you’re going to of Google.

P.S. Can I send you a T-shirt <> for tracking the issue down? If so, email

Only an add-on compatibility issue Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Display problems of former version have disappeared, but I read : "The add-on displays an icon in the location bar if a page initiates Google requests." and, although I have tested several sites I know call Google servers I have been unable to observe the 'Google Disconnect' icon appear ...maybe am I missing something.

EDIT : for the sake of truth I have to add this:
I installed 'Google Disconnect' on a fresh new Firefox profile and it ran perfectly. Consequently above mentioned problem is related to the profile it occurred on, a profile with 80+ add-ons, deeply tweaked even if always with caution. Stay tuned :)

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Example sites?

Thanks for the report. Can you give us some example sites where you think the icon should be appearing but isn’t. (Also, make sure you have the latest version, 2.2.0, of the add-on [Tools > Add-ons] and are going to a third-party site, like, that loads Google resources).

You can leave the examples here or at or you can email

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Does indeed disconnect sites from contacting Google when inappropriate (forbidding cookies for third-party didn't concern Google as third-party up to now, and that's only for the cookie!).
A slight issue with youtube : opening a link in a new tab leads to a page with the correct url but empty, opening in same tab is ok) - Otherwise seems to handle things just fine.

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This bug will be fixed in the next version ( — refers to Facebook but also applies to Google, including YouTube).

Please provide more information Rated 3 out of 5 stars

No icon, no options, works in the background, OK. But what does it perform precisely ? Moreover, the add-on home page is absent ( Please do provide at least a basic description of operations. 3 stars because I'm granting blindly.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

More on the way

We plan to add a button to the URL bar to indicate blocking activity and enable unblocking.

And the homepage link is live now (the add-on got approved too fast for us!).

But I think the description says it all — if you want, you can see the (many) blocked third-party services by reading the source at (look for the domains).