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I have been struggling with the fact that the icon of 'Google Disconnect' never appeared in my navigation bar.
I have at this point finally spotted the cause, on my system of course.
'Google Disconnect' will appear when applicable when TWO conditions (at least) are satisfied :

1- must be set to 'true' (which is the default) ;
2- Adblock+ must be disabled completely.

If either of these conditions is not filled, the icon of 'Google Disconnect' will not appear when the visited site is concerned. Does this mean that 'Google Disconnect' is not working or does it mean that, above conditions being met, 'Google Disconnect' does not need to work, I have no idea..

Nevertheless, in the best scenario this does mean that if a user has set to true and that Adblock+ is not installed (or not the correct filters), 'Google Disconnect' fills it duty wonderfully.

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Thanks for all the investigating!

#1 is by design (ours). But there are sturdier ways to implement, which we’ll reconsider.

#2 is also by design (Mozilla’s). And there’s no workaround for us. Filtering add-ons filter in the order they’re installed, so ABP is already purging the pages you’re going to of Google.

P.S. Can I send you a T-shirt <> for tracking the issue down? If so, email