Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Interesting BUT...

sometimes doesn't work and crashes Fx...
I don't like that !

even though I have plenty of adds...

and last remark, double the resource taken by Fx

With 15 adds ~ 60-160 RAM sometimes with more than 30 open tabs

and just with that one and a a few open tabs, already 120-200 Ram...
and if let Firefox open for a while
goes up to 250 or more...
Well, have plenty of ram enough, but think something goes wrong... :-)

may be will try it later on...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.2.1). 

RAM Usage

Hi ifasmilecanhelp,
Thank you for trying FoxTab and for your feedback.
FoxTab usage of RAM is affected by many variables such as number of opened tabs, screen resolution, panel size, etc..
Basically, when idle, it does not consume RAM other than the basic required by common add-ons.
When launched Firefox allocated its memory as much as required, which then released when FoxTab is closed.
For performance and usability issues the memory is not released immediately, but only after 20-40 seconds of idle time, so this may imply for why you saw higher memory usage at certain moment. The entire process of releasing the memory is performed by the browser (FoxTab panel view destroys itself), as this is the most reliable way for avoiding memory concerns.
That being said, if you still have any concerns regarding FoxTab, feel free to drop us an email to support@foxtab.com