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  • easy to use
  • i doesnt work in latest firefox browser
  • I restarted my browser and..
    still not there
    are you trying to get people to get scammed
  • Hi, i want notify this addon not works in firefox 44+, i install and restart and still not appears in the list
  • Zajímave ja bysem to hned nainstalloval
  • Is a very nice in ubuntu 14.04.
  • firefox os simulator cannot be installed because it cannot modify the needed file
    please help me out
  • I think the new Firefox OS will be really cool, and I'll probably get a phone with it on at some point. It would be cool if the simulator worked like other virtual operating systems where you can resize the display. The size probably makes sense for the kind of phones it's intended for, but when testing on a big 1920×1080 monitor it becomes quite annoying that the virtual desktop aka “phone display” is so small.
  • really nice addon, allowing users to test run ff os

    ff 30, ubuntu 14.04
  • Hola, disculpa cuando trato de instalar el simulador de firefox os 1.2 me da el error que firefox os 1.2 no puede ser instalado porque firefox no puede modificar el archivo necesario. Te ha pasado??

    tengo windows xp y mozilla firefox 28.0.

  • "This add-on is incompatible with Firefox 26 and greater. Please use the App Manager with the new Simulator add-ons." Why ??
    Changes in the Developer Tools API made it hard to continue to support the addon with newer versions of Firefox. Fortunately, the App Manager is a fantastic new tool for testing apps, and there are new Simulator addons you can use with it. See this documentation for more details!

  • So simple yet so perfect and light.
  • Great simulator, perfect to FFOS app testing.
  • good app :D
  • Extremely helpful for basic UI editing and debugging. Surprisingly stable, thanks!
  • awesome, firefox is becoming something even greater.
  • awesome phone man!!!♥☺☻♥
  • Great, job
  • Good, after this test i go to shop :D
  • Looks OK, but would be a lot easier to get going if it came with at least some default demo apps; or maybe those needing most work, review?
  • Es mas que perfecto a la hora de poder validar, los componentes de la aplicacion y su rendimiento.