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  • Есть множество вредных для меня ресурсов, например таких как YouTube, Вконтакте. Они способны быстро перенаправить моё внимание. Хоть я и взрослый человек Parental Control помогает мне следить за собой блокирую такие ресурсы.
  • it works, but you could add the option to create a user or password to enter your add-on and that it is not deactivated, or that for the add-on to be disabled ask for a confirmation password. thank you
    SIRVE, pero tu podrias agregarle la opción de crear un usuario o una contraseña para entrar en el complemento y que no lo desactiven, o que el complemento para que sea desactivado pida una clave de confirmación. gracias
  • Needs a password option.
  • Very good, I tired a few tricks I know to see if I could view explicit images and you all did well to thoroughly cover up nudes and other inappropriate things. 5 Stars
    One thing that could be improved would be to make it more customize-able, so you could choose what actually gets filtered.
  • good enough
  • Seems to allow most undesirable content. It blocks hardly anything.
  • Update
  • Needs a password option.
  • It is simple and it works exactly as it should.
  • Please check settings for extensions "Whitelist" menu tab.

    You should go to your browser menu -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> "Family Friendly Parental Control" Options -> Whitelist -> and please ensure that check box "Block every domain except those in your whitelist below" in the extensions "Whitelist" menu is NOT ticked.

    You could also make changes at the extensions "Main Options" tab and setup Block Policy:
    - Strict - Allows only good and well known family friendly websites;
    - Normal - Blocks only known bad websites (unknown or not yet rated websites are not blocked).

    Thank you for using Family Friendly Parental Control extension.

    How to add websites to whitelist/blacklist

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    FamilyFriendly.Site Support Team
  • This addon is really works, it blocks definitely bad sites, and goods sites never are blocked. Thank you very much!
  • It blocked all websites - not only the ones on my blacklist and the ones you would think were a problem. But ALL websites! Including addons.mozilla.org (it's own webpage) - Can that be rigtht?
  • It is fast and no any overhead. I use it more than half year and I have tried other available extensions before. I can say that it blocks sites better than all other tools I have tested. Perfect for protecting children from any unwanted internet sites.

  • You have to enter every little website you want to visit into the "white list" because it will block everything else regardless of your requested settings.
  • exactly what i was looking for, good job!
  • The best ADDON every time Das beste addon was ich je gesehen habe Thank you Danke
  • Genial