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  • Seems good so far, has blocked all the websites I can think of.
    Please add an option for a password!
  • good support
  • Efficacie ma a volte troppo invadente
  • Works well! But if you go to porn through google translator, for example, then the filter does not work :(
  • I tried to use this add-on to help my children but it blocked my own shopping website, which is completely family friendly. My website does not contain any adult only content and it isn't blocked by any other parental control add-on. Firefox users, try other add-ons if you don't want to block the web sites you frequently visit with no reason.
  • excellent outil de blocage de divers sites de porno testés. Bravo, j'ai fait un don pour valoriser ce précieux travail de developpement, mis à disposition gratuitement. BRAVO.
  • Diese Anwendung ist eine sehr wichtige, den hier machen sich verantwortungsbewußte Menschen Gedanken über das zuvor gelesene und prüfen es auf Ehre und Gewissen, ob es den Richtlinien
    für Meldungen oder Bewertungen entspricht.
  • it blocks all redirecting website , help full in many ways . it blocks all website containing inappropriate things. thank you
  • Sadly, there seems to be a political bias to how this one works. Innocuous websites from conservative viewpoints ('Faith and Family' just today) have been repeatedly blocked as not "family friendly", yet sites like Daily Kos are a-okay?? Come on! Worse, I just checked to see if Cosmopolitan was able to make it through, and that one -- complete with an article entitled "Your Guide to Self Pleasure" -- wasn't restricted in the slightest.
  • good
  • It can silence the websites that I don't want to view online.
    It protects myself from being invaded by trespassers such as Social Media.
    (G+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc. Forums)
    It silences Nintendo websites, so that I can't view them online.
    It blocks politics on my side of the Internet under my Firefox Username.
    It blocks virus-ware websites even hacking websites, such as Yahoo
    where I would get the speech message similar to MS Ransomware.
    (I would like to redirect to Google/Bing if
    that red screen with MS Message comes up)
    I'm taking back control of my life of secure privacy on Firefox!
    I want to remain safe on Firefox, so I'm strictly cleaning my Firefox up!
  • Есть множество вредных для меня ресурсов, например таких как YouTube, Вконтакте. Они способны быстро перенаправить моё внимание. Хоть я и взрослый человек Parental Control помогает мне следить за собой блокирую такие ресурсы.
  • it works, but you could add the option to create a user or password to enter your add-on and that it is not deactivated, or that for the add-on to be disabled ask for a confirmation password. thank you
    SIRVE, pero tu podrias agregarle la opción de crear un usuario o una contraseña para entrar en el complemento y que no lo desactiven, o que el complemento para que sea desactivado pida una clave de confirmación. gracias
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