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  • Best there is.
  • Absolutely brilliant, excellent work done.
  • катастрофически не хватает возможности открыть плеер отдельным окном, которое оставалось бы on top, когда мы сворачиваем браузер или переходим в другое приложение. собственно это единственное что нужно от подобных дополнений.
  • Absolutely incredible, WOW.
  • Interesting idea for an extension, trouble is the features are things most people (99.9%) can do without and do without because they don't need them. I installed it and tested it, uninstalled it reinstalled it several times and I found nothing different about having it installed or not installed (when it comes to you-tube) that would make this even remotely useful for most users . Some of the features I guess somebody somewhere may want to use but I don't see why any regular user would use this one. It is simply just not useful enough. In my testing nothing about this extension "ENHANCED" my you-tube experience. There was NO DIFFERENCE in you-tube with or without it. Great concept but I would give this one a pass.
  • да!!!....СПАСИБО!!!....это просто и хорошо - и рекламу можно гонять, когда хочется!!!....Удачи - главное, чтобы это у вас сохранилось надолго - очень полезное дополнение!!Мне нравится!!!....
  • This works really well, but keep in mind that the disabling assholeTube's "annotations" only works on the HTML5 players.