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  • Has ads. They even bypassed my ad-blocker.
  • The disable auto play option doesn't work in playlists. I wish it did or had a specific option to disable playlist autoplay.
  • Hey, Maxime RF,i cant use this program today. It was working fine but it just dissapeared and i tried re installing it screen pinning doesnt work anymore!
  • 👍
  • amazing amazing amazing amazing, loved it so much
  • Nice add on. always opens the video in wide mode as intended.
  • hey, Maxime RF,i cant use this program today,it just dissapeared.Help to fix this,thanks............it comes out about eight hours later or maybe it is because i checked about the setup of Enhancer for YouTube.
  • This extension is popular and good, but dangerous.
    It can easily spy on every web activity you do.

    Why is that?
    Because there are no privacy policy nowhere in the description to find at all!
    And it uses "Custom license" - avoid those Custom license extensions, because they are known to be shady.

    Go with safer extensions with a stated privacy policy, and use Mozilla Public License, GNU and MIT/X11 extensions.
  • It takes a bit to get your head around the options and what they do but after that wow weeee its good!! only reason it's 4 stars is cause my stupid ass got annoyed about getting your head around part haha
  • Makes YouTube much better, would absolutely recommend.
  • Использую только для того, что бы ютуб не понижал качество и всегда показывал 1080р
  • great . just great.
  • Fantastic!
  • This extension is magnificent. It makes the YouTube experience much more tolerable than Google seems to think is good for you, otherwise they would have added these features themselves. Google seems to think that they know better than we do what we want to see in an online video player. Well, SCR*W YOU, GOOGLE! YOU'RE NOT MY REAL DAD!
  • very cool addon