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  • Great addon though I wish it would be a bit better in preventing autoplaying the video when you load the page (it loads it normally for a second and only then prevents the preloading)
  • This is a great add on. I am very satisfied, the customizing is absolutely amazing!! Highly recommended! I will be planing on donating to the developer! Thank You!
  • ;)
  • Kesinlikle herkese tavsiye ediyorum çok iyi uygulama
  • This works really well. The only feature it doesn't have that I think would be useful is the ability to set default volume per-channel. Some channels tend to have much higher or lower volume than others.
  • Нашёл один недочёт, при просмотре плейлиста и уходе на другую вкладку по окончанию видео следущее не начинаеться а стоит на паузе, при слушании музыки не удобно. если я делаю что-то не так напишите мне на почту van.a.gribanov@gmail.com
    при решении данной проблемы поставлю расширению 5 звёзд.