5,508 reviews
  • Next video is automatically paused after loading, despite having every option related to autoplay allowing it. Not sure how to create an issue request, hope you see it here. I'll change my rating later.
  • Bugs:
    1. The extension does not allow playing the video in the active tab (despite the fact that the auto pause option on the active tab is OFF);
    2. Each new video in playlists is automatically paused (also, despite the fact that the auto pause option is DISABLED for playlists);

    Could you please help me, and fix these bugs?
  • Adjusted font to be too opaque in search window. spent an hour trying to fix it. Failed. Couldn't. No documentation on your add-on about adjusting it either. No idea how to make it so my font isn't 95% opaque while searching for a video.
  • great experience with utube
  • One of the go-to addos i install on ANY FF (or WaterFox lately since FF sux more and more) when doing fresh instal for anyone (myself included). I just wish you could somehow include color control (mostly brightness) - with that one in it would be really flawless.
  • A must for the best YouTube experience.
  • It would be very awesome to be able to change jump time, (like when I press right arrow the video it jumps 6 seconds)
  • One of the better ones BUT Video Pinning has not been working for quite some time already, rather remove it from the options if there is no intention of getting it to work again.
  • excelente
  • Works pretty good but seems to wipe all settings when I restart my PC. Quite annoying to have to go and reinstall or reenable the features.