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  • does not work at all; this should be removed
  • You know I really get disappointed at times with things around me. yeah, yeah, yeah, everything sucks we've all got a sob story. NOT TRUE. I just think people suck. Around all of this though are people who really CAN and DO help the world around them, and we don't even think twice about taking advantage of them. What does this do? It can make people bitter. When I read the numbers, simple math here, about how many people have the add-on and how many people have donated? I was like,"MOTHERTRUCKERS!!!" This little add-on ROCKS!! I donated, and I don't donate to SHIT!! Well, besides Shriner's, but anyway, I don't!! Come on people, help a nigga out and donate to his shit man!! We can't just use things and not expect to pay for them. yes some things are free, but something like this? A dollar man - SOMETHING!! SMDH
  • Was working well, but suddenly stopped working recently. Download file is momentarily created but then disappears.
  • Good
  • Excellent customer service. Good luck and keep it up. You might want to publicize what youtube is doing regarding throttling. Best is choice for donation.
  • Good add-on, although rather difficult to get started in the beginning. Only after an e-mail with further instructions was it possible to download a video. Nevertheless recommended!
  • не работает
  • tnx
  • Worked great !!

    I wish the author makes his own web site for downloading 1080P videos !
  • Started very well, most impressive.
    However, after a few downloads it stopped downloading HD formats, restricting further downloads to 360p.
    Message appeared saying HD capability can be reinstated upon payment.
    Essentially, the software is a try-before-you-buy, otherwise known (many years ago) as "crippleware".
  • Nice..
  • Works like a charm. Simple, quick and it works!
  • Doesn't download mp3 audio.
  • GARBAGE - would give 1 star if I could - paid for "PRO" version -- didn't work due to dev site blocked by youtube -- AND had to open a claim with paypal for refund as the dev is refusing to refund or communicate.
  • Haven't used it much. But so far so good!
  • Worked great on first day, 01/18/20. full resolution at 720p. next day, today, that disappeared to 360. Some excuse about youtube causing it, back in november. Not a good thing.....
  • It is so easy useable app!! I am satisfied that