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495 reviews for this add-on
  • Works well, easy to use, UI is simplistic and looks good.

  • It is not working at all

  • Crashes the latest versions of firefox when you try to log into facebook. DO NOT INSTALL THIS if you use facebook.

    Developer response


    It supposed to work fine.
    If you are having any issues, pleases email me to
    I would really appreciate it!


  • The most intrusive add-on ever! Now that Mozilla's add-on Page shows all permissions required by them, it's much cleared what they are out to do.

    There are other much lighter add-ons to download YouTube files (as limited as this one, regarding high resolution stream videos).

  • For some reason the developers thought it would be a great idea to take over your computer every time this add-on updates by redirecting you to another tab which then tells you: "Download Flash and Video" has been updated! It's like having a virus on your computer! It's really annoying, especially if you're doing something important - uninstalled!

  • seh gut

  • Finally found one that's work and it show you available format to download. The download progress is handle by firefox.

  • Tell please how can I enable the small icon for the lower additional panel in FF 56.0.2? In version 3.1.7 you added this feature, but I did not notice it. I still have a large icon ( I was trying to reinstall the add-on and delete the folder "bee6eb20-01e0-ebd1-da83-080329fb9a3a" in the profile, but this did not bring any result :(

    Please help.


  • I've used this addon for quite some time now and generally I liked it. It is a simple-to-use, and great addon when it comes to download videos from websites, but lately it started to open tabs after updates. This behavior is annoying and unacceptable for me as it cannot be switched off (other addons have option for this).

  • I like the tool`s style.standard!

  • I use both Firefox Nightly 62 64 bit on my Windows 10April 2018update laptop and my Firefox Nightly for Android. And I like this addon for my laptop but... If could and would please I can't get this addon to work on my Firefox Nightly for Android. The button shows up to use the add-on but when I click on the button... the page is blank and the add-on does not show up. And on my laptop downloading from dailymotion and YouTube work fine. Thank you

  • Works great and downloads quickly!

  • I'm hoping this works well.

  • O.K.!

  • Very useful, works well with Facebook

  • Your thankyou page opens up randomly couple of times a day. No one needs an intrusive add for an addon they already installed. Removed.

  • Не работает в большинстве сайтов, где Мне это надо.

  • Very usefull, smart, clear and easy !

  • Já foi boa, mas atualmente não pega todos os videos do youtube. Muitos ela não pega, necessitando de outras extensões!

    It was already good, but currently does not capture all the videos from YouTube. There are many that it does not capture, needing other extensions!

  • very easy

  • for me one of the best easy downloader....... thank you very much!
    easy and very good!

  • Achei muito bom sim mas agora não estou mais a usar pq

  • ótimo para qualquer tipo de download...

  • Thx...

  • Doesn't work on BBC radio site. Don't really need it for anything else. It Seems to work with youtube, but I already have that covered.