128 reviews
  • Does not work on 2560x1440 screens, since the blue bar gets cut off in the left corner. This has been mentioned multiple times, but it has unfortunately not been fixed in over a year.
  • It's pretty, it's a dark relaxing color but not too dark, and it doesn't have gawdy designs. My go to every time.
  • Amazing. Reminds me of the old Netscape Modern theme a bit. Looks great.
  • Simple, solid non-distracting colour. I like it.
  • Es el tema mas sobrio y agradable de todos. Lo usaba antes con el viejo firefox pero lo habia perdido de vista. Es refrescante encontrarlo de nuevo en el Firefox 60+
  • My favorite theme!

    Though I have the same issue as reported by the the user 14546869: with hi-res display (2560x1440) in full-screen the blue bar where the tabs are, cuts of at the left corner of the browser window. I do not observe this behavior on FHD or lover resolution displays. As 14546869 user noted, "the graphic you used seems to be not width enough". I have the same issue also with your other theme "Gloss. Black".

    Could you please adjust that?