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  • Very Basic addon which works on Firefox for Android, (also Waterfox 55 for android): Unfortunately you cannot chose a browser from a list, just use default v22 or write a new user agent

  • Thank you for the developer for creating this add-on.

    This account is created solely to post this review (because for some reason, the rating on this add-on is low). Compare to other add-on like 'desktop by default' where it doesn't stay in desktop mode in a new tab, this add-on ensure you always stay in the custom agent you've defined. This of course also means that the desktop mode option is disregarded. So if you want to change back to android agent, you will need to disable this add-on. Also, manual editing of the string is required.

    This add-on was tested on 3+ different Android devices with Firefox 55. As long as the string is correct, it works as designed.

    Pro: It works as designed
    Con: It will ignore the desktop mode option

    Overall: 5/5

  • Terrible. When I use this extension on an Android device, after I define a User-agent in the Options for the extension, the option named "Request Desktop Site" became no use and, I do not have chance for reverting changes, although disable it.

  • thank you very much!

    i am very happy with your addon

  • Good: it works in Android too. Many others do not.
    Bad: No alternative user strings delivered. You have to type them yourself. Many are available for copying at userstring.com. This instruction need to be added.

  • fast and easy to use

  • How to show gui setting?

  • Rather annoying that after installation it doesn't default to your current version (at all) for the UA string :| but it does work...

  • Fantastic, needed it for Android, prefect! Others really should enable their addosn for Firefox on Android, its not hard at all. You did a great job!

  • Simple and works great.

  • Works perfectly for me with Windows 7 & Firefox 37. No problem pasting a UA and it becomes effective immediately upon pasting, no further action required.

  • No permite pegar el user-agent.

  • Working! Very good!

  • This is a great app but text box is broken i can't paste my User-Agent.

  • In extension options the text field to set UA simply can't be used on Android. It can't be scrolled, neither you can paste into it. So even though this extension works, you can't configure it. What a pity.

  • No issues. I keep my UA set to a custom string and never change it. This extension works well for that purpose. If you need to switch often or desire common presets this might not be for you.

    Also, pasting works fine. Not really sure what that other reviewer was going on about.

  • 2 stars for the concept...however it wont let me Paste a copied User Agent string in the UA text box. When I click/hold, the two cursors appear at the top of the screen OUT of the text field, and PASTE prompt wont come up. Unless u are a dev, u.wont memorize a UA string.