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Everything is fine, now. Thanks to the author for his quick reply.
1- GUI
I had been mislead by another add-on (Extension Options Menu 2.5) which has a drop-down menu for accessing add-ons options GUI when applicable.
With Colorlicious 1.0 this led to http://hpics.li/21f6b58
With Colorlicious 1.1 this led to http://hpics.li/500d9f3
The "Close" button and the transparency issue where related to the fact that Colorlicious Options GUI was not to be accessed this way.
Accessing Colorlicious 1.1 Options from AOManager Options leads to the correst GUI : http://hpics.li/6e5dca3
2- Data
I copied color data then removed Colorlicious 1.0, restarted, removed Colorlicious 1.0 left-over in about:config
I installed Colorlicious 1.1, called Colorlicious options from AOManager ( http://hpics.li/6e5dca3 ) and from there pasted backuped colors : no problem
Looks like it was my mistake. Sorry for that. I like Colorlicious, handy, that's why I was a bit annoyed. Keep on it !

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Version 1.1 does not modify whatever item color, and calling preset renders default Firefox colors but none of the preset.Maybe is it because version 1.0 should have been removed first? Ver. 1.1 is introduced as 'No Restart' contrarily to ver. 1.0 if I remember well. Updating from Firefox AOManager called a restart the browser ...Moreover the GUI is, I'll be frank, lousy. There was already no close button on 1.0, now moreover half of the GUI is transparent. Looks more like modern art than as an option interface.Back to 1.0

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.1-signed.1-signed).  This user has a previous review of this add-on.

Hi. It sounds like many of the problems you are experiencing are not occuring on our end.

To clear a few things up:

After installing v1.1 and updating from v1.0, the browser will be required to restart because v1.0 is not restartless and needs to uninstall itself (which requires a restart). Future updates will not require a restart.

What do you mean by "no close button"? Where is this close button meant to be located and what is it meant to close?

The UI should not be transparent. We only have two elements in the entire UI that should have any form of transparency and both were present in v1.0. It may be useful for you to provide a screenshot so we can see your problem.

And lastly, we never tested whether presets from v1.0 would still work when used in v1.1 and as it turns out, it looks like they are incompatible. What you will need to do is remake your presets in v1.1 and we will be sure remember to keep them compatible in future updates. I'll talk with the other dev about possibly converting 1.0 presets to work for v1.1.1 when we release it, or reverting the format back to the v1.0 format (though that would mean v1.1 presets would not work).