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Hello to everyone !

You can find the latest Bookmark DD
version 1.0.3 (dated 2010-03-09)
at this adress :
It perfectly works with Fx 3.6.13 !

I checked it because I was really missing this add
(have plenty of bookmarks, in differents files), so I'm really glad it's back :-)

I just guess the developper must be doing other things, and forgot a little to come here on Mozilla
to make the update :-)

A smile from Geneva, Switzerland

NB believe me or not :
I have no relationship with the developper,
but as I said, it's a very usefull add !

PS Me, I install it, make the check, and deactivate it for 2 or 3 monthes, than check again !

That's all, folks :-)

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Please, that would be nice if you could update it
for Forefox 3.5.3, and later for the next coming versions...

Miss it since a few monthes,
because always have the latest current Fx version (no beta...)

Sundenly didn't work anymore,
so I waited expecting an update... still in the air ???

It (was...) a very usefull add...

Lets hope... you have time for fixing it :-)

Was used to make it run quiet often...
with about 2'000 bkmarks...
well, I admit that many of them are quiet seldom used :-)

You may say I could run the 3.5.0 Fx,
just to update my bookmarks, than reinstall the latest version...

Guess I gonna do that once if no more updates...

To make not short : please, please, please !!!

smiles from Geneva Switzerland :-)

allez, un bon geste de plus, quoi !!!

my rating is 5 as long it was updated...
otherwise let you guess...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.0.0).