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  • Overall I am satisfied and a paid user. But one glaring issue with the extension is that the 2FA only happens when you login the first time. After which the extension locks itself and never prompts for the 2FA. If you are using this on multiple computers I would want to be able to configure whether to require 2FA based on what computer I am using. So for my home computer I would only require at login and my work I would require at login and after locking.
  • Works well, i had no security problems till now.
    It's fine to use
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  • The best password manager out there~! Open source, very secure, and best of all has great features for FREE.
  • good
  • This is an excellent password manager. Gradually making the switch from LastPass because Bitwarden is FOSS.
  • Really great password manager! No. 1 for me