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  • A good app except for one inexplicable dealbreaker: it breaks the Evernote Web Clipper extension. If Bitwarden is intstalled, anytime I clear cookies and other data from Firefox, Evernote Web Clipper will display "null" where the version number should be, it will revert it's clip settings to the defaults, and it will no longer even be possible to re-add keyboard shortcuts.
  • Il n'y a pas longtemps que j'aie installé l'extension Bitwarden mais ça me paraît commodément avantageux _ Merci aux développeurs et contributeurs ! Un travail vivement salutaire_
  • This is superb add-on for my self hosted Bitwarden docker instance.
  • Was using Roboform but when Paying for the use of Roboform Anywhere became an issue for me,I switch to bitwarden and never went back. 100% open source
  • It worked well for a year or more. Today, it is braindead. Does not fill in fields, it can't find my vault, app's behavior when logging in to Bitwarden has changed too (doesn't seem to remember me), it sends me a security alert every time I attempt to sign in to it. (Firefox 70.0.1, x64, no new add-ons or apps recently.) What a shame!