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  • Thanks for removing all the crap I don't care to see! Great Add On if you don't want all the advertisements.

  • Excellent!
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you

  • Une pur merveille, dépollue radicalement le web, pas de toutes les pubs, mais d'une partie non négligeable. C'est presque un choque de naviguer sans cette extension.

    Après chaque formatage, c'est la première extension que je télécharge.

  • Bin sehr zufrieden!!!!! Behalte ich auf jeden fall

  • altamente recomendado

  • Okay, so I know adverts pay for the free web but, far too many websites are bloated with adverts that have *zero* relevance to the site's users. I want download speed and not the secret of how to lose three stone in three days, or, how to turn my credit rating into cash. Furthermore, when using my netbook with a G3 (cellular) dongle, or in a hotel on the WiFi, I have *no* intention of consuming *my* byte allowance by downloading slow and pointless 'junk-mail', especially when I am paying for it!!!

    Want to go ad free? Get Adblock.

  • Very wonderful addon

  • The best Add-on there is!!!

  • Very wonderful addon.
    Not to mention not only does it automatically block advertisements but it also gives you the option to block other images. I would recommend this to anyone.

    I have not had any annoying pop ups since using this. INSTALL NOW!

  • Makes your life better! :)

  • My rules for an add-on are; they should DO what they say, they should be EASY to set up/use. Adblock Plus does ALL that - but REMEBER: You MUST, M-U-S-T download/install the FILTERS!!! Easy List & Easy Privacy are MUSTS. There are a couple of others (depending on your location or need) you can add. Adding your own filters is easy as a click on the item you want blocked. Adblock SHOULD be MANDATORY, if not incorporated into a future Mozilla browser.

  • HELP adblock_plus+subscriptions+Firefox PROBLEM

    HELP plzz :( I LOVE adblock plus :(

  • Add-ons are the main reason I stay with Firefox. If I was forced to choose only one, this would be it.

  • just essential
    thanks a lot!

  • Lo mejor que tiene firefox

  • Perfect

  • Без этого дополнения обойтись нельзя,без остальных можно.По сравнению с дубовым NoScript,это просто сказка.Высший балл,спасибо автору!

  • xonox2, здрасте как это нет фильтра для рунета? Есть, причем не один, от морпеха, от димона, три как минимум, причем ру ад лист сейчас является официальной подпиской через программу, внимательно смотри! Если хочешь другие подписки добавить на википедию зайди по названию этого расширения, там ссылки на подписку есть

    Супер мега полезное и нужное расширение!
    Входит в мою сборку https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/collection/ffextended
    +110 :)

  • отличное дополнение! Спасибо разработчику.)

    Жаль, что нет фильтра для Рунета

  • Hi Wladimir, first of all, maaaany thanks for your really good hard work you are doing for free. I use it together with proxomitron to surf "my own" internet :)

    This is to sugest you what i think is a improve, when i left click on the icon of abp on the navigation bar i see the blockable items in the active tab, i would like to be able to order these entries by the time they loaded. I think it would be really helpfull to seeing if some external images loaded after some external scripts, so in that case i would block only the scripts. Also would be helpful to block ads in videos when they are loaded as "object subrequest"

    Sorry for my english, and many thanks again for your helpful software

  • don´t work in firefox 3.7a3pre, please fix it!... its a very necesary addon

  • Brilliant, definately recommended!

  • One of the MOST useful and BEST addon of all TIME!!!!

  • Very good!