Stealing?? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

No, it's not stealing. We have a right not to look at advertising pollution. No different than channel-surfing or walking out of the room to refill the Fritos bowl or go to the bathroom when the stupid commercials come on.

I'll tell you what is STEALING is you predatory, crappy advertisers who stuff my email box full of crap, and without my knowledge install adware and spyware on my computer that hampers my performance, and pay me nothing for the inconvenience, and the use of MY SERVICE...mainly my time cleaning out an email box...and my computer performance and disk space your adware and spyware take up on my system.
you advertisers have NO RIGHT to install that crap on MY COMPUTER...hamper MY PERFORMANCE...and pay me NOTHING. You want it all your way, and resent people who strike back at you. This is basically a response to the guy who claims this add-on is "stealing."

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