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  • this so called update completely messed up my firefox screens opening all kind of new windows, always leaving me at a new window instead of going back to email or wherever i clicked a link from. i couldnt move a tab from one window to the other, it turned my favorite tiles into dots on a screen with screen saver photos. it also disabled my options tabs..i was finally able to disable this extension and am more or less back to normal. if i couldnt have fixed this i would have had to go to chrome exclusively.
  • Update to this version, my bookmark disappeared. OMG
  • i have had yahoo toolbar forever. but this new tab thing? i got tabs coming out my ass. goodbye yahoo toolbar.
  • Why would you update a toolbar that takes away getting to customize the buttons I want to use and give me buttons I have no use for. This sucks. I give you a minus 5 stars.
  • Big Thank You to SicilianQueenV followed your instructions worked a treat. I was about to uninstall the useless toolbar Yahoo deem fit to inflict on it's loyal customers. Just hope they see sense and take note of how many customers loyalty they have lost. The toolbar was the best feature of Yahoo.
  • Really. NO customization! No Favorites! Useless shortcuts (except mail). Get rid of this and go back to the old style, at least it was useful. Shoot yourself in the foot again and again.
  • This so called is a horrible "Downdate" (I know I just made up a word) not an Update" Worst toolbar Yahoo/Firefox has ever come up with!! Totally useless to me. Lost all my hard worked at bookmarks. (Thankfully they are still there when I do this suggested rollback - for now anyway). I'm reposting the below for mine as well as others use!

    Easy FIX for this MISTAKE!!! For Firefox! Rated 1 out of 5 stars

    by SicilianQueenV on August 11, 2016 · permalink · translate

    Less than zero for this new toolbar. Please re-post this!
    To go back to the old version of Yahoo Toolbar, go to: (copy and paste)


    I chose


    Hit the add to Firefox, and install it, as soon as you restart it, you will have ALL of your old sites, (buttons) that you had before this update, BACK!

    VERY IMPORTANT: Go to "Add-ons Manager" and in the upper right corner, you will see the gear sign, (next to the find add-ons search bar) click on the gear sign, and where you see, "Update add-ons automatically" UNCHECK IT. That way it will not update it, the next time you sign on. You will have to check with the other add-ons to see if there are updates for them, since you will now be doing it manually. It is definitely worth it, to have your old toolbar back! Also, when you do sign back on, you will see the "coming soon new yahoo toolbar" Just close it every time. No big deal.
    I swear all of your old sites will be back!
  • Does not allow you to have access to your favorite sites. Doesn't allow you to even edit the buttons. Totally sucks! This is yet again one more reason to dump Yahoo. No matter what you do they force you to update the toolbar to their "New, and Improved" garbage. There are 6 buttons on the toolbar, and 5 of the 6 are useless! Give us the old toolbar back, and come up with a way to stop the forced update. Or lose!
  • I need the old Yahoo Toolbar!
  • Enough said!!!
  • Just use:

    Select Version 3.2.18

    Tools>Extensions>(Click on gear)>un-tick>Update Add-ons Automatically
  • After years of using the toolbar, I have uninstalled after experiencing this version. For some reason, they decided to take over my browser and make it do things differently in ways I did not like, such as opening a new window when I want to tab; or opening a new window if I drag a tab. If it wasn't bad enough that they programmed my book marks out of existence. I have never given anything 1 star. This version deserves it! Goodbye, Yahoo Toolbar!
  • Just use:

    Select Version 3.2.18

    Tools>Extensions>(Click on gear)>un-tick>Update Add-ons Automatically
  • This is ridiculous!
    there is NO options or settings button and no way of changing the toolbar 'add ons' at all.
    I liked the previous toolbar better though I miss the Netflix add on!
  • This is not an improvement. I want my old Yahoo Toolbar back! This is a disaster.
  • Snap out of it. This is a joke, right?
    I want my previous Yahoo toolbar back.
    [Forced to cough up one star.]
  • Don't understand how anyone could see this as an improvement. Obviously the people designing this have never used the previous version of toolbar before. Just roll it back. Where was the problem? Like performing a sex change on a cat... Why,why, why???
  • I don't understand why you guys mess with shit and then don't even allow me to have the buttons I want or even add Google toolbar as a new search bar. STUPIDEST SHIT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could give zero stars cause that's what you deserve! Bullshit!
  • Do not fix something that isn't broken. I was using the previous toolbar just fine until you retards decide to change it into something entirely different.

    What the fuck is this? Go fuck yourselves you assholes
  • Sucks, why in the hell would you change a good thing?
  • the worst update
  • Glad that I actually read the Upgrade warning and Exported my Bookmarks before the "upgrade" occurred. That was the best thing about the Yahoo! Toolbar, having my Bookmarks saved to the Cloud so that I could access them and my other frequently visited sites from any computer. Someone actually came up with the idea to make the Yahoo! Toolbar useless AND some others even AGREED! I am going to try and reinstall the useful version ( - Build: 08.08.2016-04:40:13) of the toolbar and then disable updates. If this is not possible, then the Yahoo! Toolbar in its current state will be removed since its only useful function is the Mail icon - 1/6 = FAILURE! That is really not enough to warrant 1 star.
    I got this one particular Yahoo! site to give me the [Reinstall Toolbar] Button and it reinstalled the 3.2.16 version, but upon reloading the page that Button was not provided.
    Site Page URL = https://us.toolbar.yahoo.com/
    Reinstall Toolbar Button URL = https://us.toolbar.yahoo.com/_ylt=AknxJuMjlH2CnW5UNDd3xFI0RAUJ?.intl=us&.redir=1&.cpdl=tyc9&.promo=&sethomesearch=0
    Note: if Firefox prevents the installation from the above URL and doesn't give you the [Allow] Button, you may be able to override this behavior in the about:config Configuration Editor for Firefox.
    Other possible URLs:
    I was able to download the following file but there is no option to attach it to this post:
    The following is a link to the above file, it is the version that does not "Set Yahoo as default home page and default search":
  • The old version was ok, liked being able to actually modify buttons on toolbar itself. Like the idea of an option, not requirement, of the "new tab" function. I don't like that it's just part of the toolbar add-on, not an option you could deactivate. I am going to disable the yahoo toolbar add-on because it is interfering with the functionality of the add-on I use a lot which is session manager. Every time I try loading a session from the session manager, it just pops open a new tab of the "yahoo toolbar and new tab..." So I am going to disable the yahoo toolbar for now... All in all, like the new update, don't love it...
  • The toolbar was working great before the change. Now most of the functions I was using before are gone. Please bring back the last version -IT WORKED!!!!
  • Did you guys get a government contract or something?! Make something nobody wants, doesn't work and make them use it? EVERY SINGLE REVIEW on this latest update is BAD! Doesn't that tell you something? The only reason I give this one star is because it doesn't go any lower! You should be ashamed of yourselves.