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  • This new toolbar does not work. Bring back the old one
  • I HATE the way the new toolbar is!!! Give me the option to have my old toolbar with my bookmarks and favorites! JUST LIKE IN MY IE BROWSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This one is rediculously stupid, and makes no sense. Buttons do not work. My bookmarks were a collection of YEARS of stuff, ALL GONE....you suck!
  • I do not like the new yahoo toolbar and I do not like the new Firefox bring back the old toolbar when you have favorite on the toolbar it is easy going without it its a bumpy ride
  • You can't log into your Yahoo account, and what buttons do show up do nothing when you click on them.
  • They took away years of my bookmarks and left me with nothing but Tumblr, Flickr and a few other worthless things. WHY????????????????????????
    How can I get my old bookmarks back? At least give us that option of getting our old bookmarks back. THANK YOU.
  • I finally got it on my Mac and deleted immediately! Firs it replaced my beautifully made new tab window with something strange, then it ruined my very useful toolbar with something I don't use at all and doesn't let me change anything of it. I've been using yahoo toolbar for years and not it's totally wrong and useless. Time to say goodbye
  • I don't know what happened. Firefox took away Adobe Flash Player and my Yahoo Toolbar. Mozilla won't let me add them back. Therefore, this Firefox is virtually unusable. I'm looking for a new browser. This one is more a hindrance than an asset.
  • None of my favorite buttons can be added. The custom button was remove over a year ago. What the hell are the software idiots thinking ???
  • The new toolbar is absolutely horrible! I accidentally clicked on the X and my toolbar up and disappeared, and I've been trying for a week to get it back but nothing works! And you can't even uninstall the new toolbar and replace it with the older version now. So now all the bookmarks I had saved on my Yahoo toolbar are now lost because the stupid new version of the toolbar up and disappeared without any way to get it back! All around I'm just ticked off at it and want the older version back but nope can't do that. If I was able this new toolbar would get negative stars because it doesn't deserve anything but a negative.
  • Would give it MINUS STARS IF POSSIBLE.
  • It's obvious that Yahoo no longer wants to put time or money into this, so they just locked it down and turned it to crap.
  • how is this an average of 2 stars when it should be 0 stars. terrible replacement
  • This sucks, HOW do I get rid of it?!?!?!?!? 0000000 rating
  • If I could give this a negative rating, I would. I reverted back to the old one so I have all my stuff, and turned off any updates. Hate doing that but this is so bad I can't even believe it.
  • I would give the NEW Yahoo Toolbar a ZERO if I could. You cannot edit or add any new buttons---this toolbar is utterly useless!! I deleted it and added new buttons to the Firefox Bar. Delete this Piece of crap Yahoo Toolbar!
  • After spending $$$$ , go to & fro to get my computer repaired.I find it is not my computer ,that is bad.It Is Yahoo.Thier New Toolbar is "Horriable" I had thought it was my computer.No.Nothing wrong there.Than I thought ,"I am loosing my mind."No I am not.Yahoo lost it!!!.They had a good thing going,than they changed it.It is Now uselees,worthless,and 100 + % Horriable!!!!!Can some one make aviable , a better toolbar than Yahoo?
  • I would not rate the new toolbar as a one star, but you don't have a minus 5 star, which is what I would rate it. Give us the option for using the old tool bar which worked great until you screwed it up.
  • Would give a Zero star rating if I could.
    What was until the recent change a very useful and CUSTOMISABLE Yahoo toolbar has been made completely worthless in one bound.
    I have found in Firfox Add-Ons something called 'TOOLBAR BUTTONS' and intend to read up on it with a view to downloading it and getting rid of this now useless Yahoo toolbar once and for all. According to what I have read so far it is also CUSTOMISABLE.
    Goodbye Yahoo. Try anything like that with Yahoo Mail and you will never see me again. Ever!
  • the toolbar no longer works- can not edit
  • Very disappointed with this useless toolbar, I had made Yahoo my homepage which I could customize and mainly my yahoo toolbar. If it is Horizon's doing, please think of fixing this before everyone abandon Horizon/Yahoo for good.
  • Premesso che è da una vita ormai che uso su i miei PC yahoo toolbar, quel che non capisco da parte degli sviluppatori è il perchè insistere sul farci usare una versione che dati i commenti da parte degli utenti finali come me che da anni ormai la utilizzano sono per la stragrande maggioranza tutti negativi, fin da subito visto dopo la prima installazione automatica mi sono preso la briga di disinstallarla per reinstallare la versione precedente ed bloccare gli aggiornamenti automatici, ora me la ritrovo lo stesso installata ed alla ricerca nella cronologia delle versioni sugli add-on hanno tolto anche le versioni precedenti lasciando una per anno e quindi le più vecchie.
    Non credo che ce la farete piacere a forza così, tuttal più la disinstallo completamente e baci, credevo che lo scopo dello sviluppo era migliorare un sistema non renderlo peggiore ma se a voi va bene così Amen.
  • How can I put this nicely? I can't the new toolbar sucks!!
    Yahoo what was the purpose of doing away with the best thing you had?
  • The Yahoo toolbar before this "New Tab" fiasco was great,
    you could use it on various Pc's and all your bookmarks were there whatever your operating system and wherever you were if you saved your bookmarks to your account.
    Now it is worse than useless as all its primary functionality has been lost.
    To rub salt further into the wounds the old versions have now been removed.
    Shame on you Yahoo.
    A very dissatisfied customer.
  • This toolbar is absolutely worthless and If I could I'd give it no rating.....
  • I miss the old toolbar and it won't let me download an old version of the toolbar anymore. The old one worked and allowed me to add stuff. Now I have to go to My Yahoo to supposedly add stuff to the toolbar and guess what....it doesn't work! Yahoo is bad about this. They update stuff and then it doesn't work. Big, big, big surprise, don't they beta test this stuff before they release it, or are all of us simply stuck being beta testers for their random addons and app releases.