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  • Easily customization for the websites i use daily and great photos from Flickr in new tab windows.
  • I think it is AWESOME. Love Ya Hoo.
  • ITs a great add on for frequent pages most visited
  • WHY ????? do my favs , disk at the bottom change when I've got the damn things SET THE WAY I WANT ??????????????????
    PISSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nett aber keine Toolbar anzeigbar , für New page gibts doch eine extra App... Ich will das wählen können
  • Yahoo Toolbar will not come up for me no matter how many times I click Add to Firefox. At this point, I'm not sure if it's Yahoo's fault or this "new and improved" Firefox which in my opinion is HORRIBLE!
  • tried to add toolbar no luck
  • It is useless. With version 5.1.1 of Yahoo my Yahoo Toolbar disappears and cannot be retrieved. Please in future when I go back to version 5.0.9 do not automatically then dowload 5.1.1 again. I do not want it !
  • Since Firefox updated to version 56.0.2, it removed my Yahoo toolbar and have since been unable to reinstall! I even tried installing thru the add-ons with Firefox without success!
  • I like this feature very much but it is not stable. Sometimes the button favorites are there and then they disappear. Is there anyway to stabilize it? Thanks, AV
  • have not seen it yet, where is it..
  • no need to elaborate futher, the title says everything. Wish I can give -star
  • It working fine for me.
  • This is nothing but crap, keeps changing what you put as your favorites, adds every single thing you do in FB. Bring back the old toolbar
  • Not surprisingly for a Yahoo! product, this add-on puts an imperfect situation into a nose-dive. Yahoo! once again shows total ineptitude at everything but sucking (not to be confused with butt-sucking, the ONE area in which Yahoo!'s devotion & skill are beyond question).
  • Five Stars for More Bookmarks Toolbar! Big fat zero for Yahoo Toolbar, which I would have thought they would have changed by now! If you have Firefox, I STRONGLY suggest you search on Add-On's Manager, for "MORE BOOKMARKS TOOLBAR." It is very easy to copy and paste, or drag and drop all of your favorite sites, which I had to find again, and it works better than Yahoo! I also use the Firefox toolbar, which you can copy and paste, drag & drop, your favorite sites on as well. I have all of my add-ons set to "update manually." Then, they cannot update to any of the add-ons, you don't want to change. You can find it to the left of the search for add-ons bar. It is a tool weel, and just uncheck the automatic add-ons, and check, "manually update add-ons". There is also "Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar" for Chrome and Firefox, that is great. Hope this helps. I lost so many of my sites, and they didn't even warn anyone!
  • I hate it! Time to move to Google and Gmail!!
  • The new Yahoo toolbar is somewhat less useful than teats on a boar hog! I kept it because of the Bookmarks - which were fast and convenient, but seemingly no longer offered in the "new Toolbar"! I give it 2 stars only because of the search box - which works better than the Yahoo search provided by Firefox; i.e., I can use it to open a new tab without losing the page I'm already on and it offers suggestions of possible pages I'm seeking! The Yahoo search provided by Firefox won't let me do that!
    If I hadn't spent the past 15+ years with a Yahoo email, which I use for my business, I'd completely remove anything to do with Yahoo from my computer! Once a pretty good Browser; now even the My home page is mediocre!
  • For those that hate the new Yahoo Toolbar and just want a simple toolbar to place your favorite sites, try ' More Bookmarks Toolbar". Search for it in Firefox's Extensions or just Google it.
    So simple to use, just drag and drop existing or new bookmarks to the new Toolbar.
    Better than the original Yahoo Toolbar too.
    The 5 stars are for the 'More Bookmarks Toolbar'. Yahoo get zero.