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  • one of the great extensions
    Thanks! What's missing to get this extension to five-stars?
  • I'll be sure to report bugs as I find them, and I'll provide updated five star reviews for this extension as long as the developer fixes them in a timely manner. I'll focus on contributing a few bucks to Mozilla since the developer isn't interested in monetary contributions.
    Sorry, I don't accept contributions. You are welcome to report the bugs at the support site though: https://github.com/rharel/webext-private-bookmarks/issues What's missing to make this extension five-stars?
  • everything.
  • Great Extension, Keep up your excellent work
  • Not sure how secure it is. But it does the job if you just don't want your colleagues sniffing around in your browser.
    Thanks. Just one comment about security: it is NOT guaranteed. I can only do what Firefox allows me to, but ultimately if Firefox decides that when an extension tells it to delete bookmarks that it should keep a bit of info about them somewhere internally, there is nothing I can do about it. This extension is like a door lock - to a determined burglar it is just an inconvenience, but to the 99% of burglars too lazy to go through the trouble it does the job. Just wanted to emphasize this point. Thanks for your review.
  • I have to rate it 5 stars based on performance and delivering on its promises. However, I would love a way to change the name of the bookmark from "Private Bookmarks" to another term to avoid questions from inquiring minds. Yes, I have a very short timeout set. If I have missed a method to change the name, please advise. Thanks for a great addon.
    Thanks for the feedback. I'll consider your suggestion and it may be included in the next release. Cheers.
  • it's amazing
  • Exactly what i was looking for. These not a lot of these out there so having the first one i tested work is a plus. Looking forward to new enhancements.