216 reviews
  • can't use my browser without this plugin. just great.
  • Works very much like Vimium on Chrome. I've been a Tridactyl user before, but since the recent retraction from AMO, this addon has been a godsend.
  • A couple of things the developers got right with this extension:
    - Navigating with j/k is smooth
    - Extensions not too invasive as to mess up other browser shortcuts (e.g. Vim Vixen hijacks CTRL+F and I can't use regular find anymore).
  • Awesome extension. A must use, dare I say.

    I have one question that might be related to FF, since another extension (Imagus) is also affected.

    Whenever I open a new instance of FF Dev. Both extensions starts disabled. I have to disable then enable again. Any help?
  • Really nice and well-built extension. For Vim people, a must-have to keep our hands away from the mouse.
  • Great work. Very useful.

    It is a pity that "o" does not focus on firefox's awesome bar directly.

    Also, what is insert mode in Vimium ???
  • I'd give it 5 stars but, when I open a page in reading view mode (by pressing F9). The addon becomes disabled.

    Other than that it has been great
  • awesome
  • It is very useful. I really like the way to scroll using j and k key (I personally map lowercase j and k to scroll half-page, which is very helpful)!
    But I would say the most helpful feature is the link hints, which allows me to open links with keystrokes instead of mouse click.