357 reviews
  • doesnt work
  • Does not work on FFQ 64
  • This extension was working, however, after a certain amount of Firefox browser's updates it stopped working, and the developer didn't update the extension itself.
    THIS EXTENSION IS FREE! The developer doesn't receive any money and doesn't benefit from maintaining it at all. IF YOU WANT THE EXTENSION TO WORK, DONATE SOME MONEY SO THE DEVELOPER WILL HAVE SOME MOTIVATION. The Chrome's version of extension works perfectly. FIrefox's version wasn't updated since 2016.
  • Não está funcionando no mozilla.
  • Doesn't work at all. You can't block any YouTube channels. Don't waste your time installing it.
  • It does block channels well, but completely breaks in-channel search (no results show up, took me ages until I found out this addon was the culprit).
  • It doesn't work anymore. Please, repare it, Lemonrice!
  • Not work!
  • Useless... it DOESN'T WORK.
  • Doesn't work
  • Don't believe the 1-star reviews, they're just angry youtubers.
  • No longer functions and has not been updated in two years, so it's unlikely it will be fixed. Use another video blocker addon instead.
  • Doesn't support the newer YouTube theme, however YouTube already has a built in feature to reduce appearances of other channels by marking them as "Not Interested" and selecting "I don't want to see this channel"
  • The addon works almost perfectly, not sure why all these weirdos are complaining. I'm on the old youtube design (as everyone should be) so that might be why. The only thing that is not working is that if a block a certain youtuber their playlists still show, only their singular videos are blocked.
  • It doesn't work anymore. I had to reinstall it, and it appears that blocking doesn't work, import doesn't work, adding doesn't work.
  • I used this on chrome and it works beautifully. Doesn't do a thing on Firefox. Would give zero stars if it was possible.
  • I had some (>9000) garbage YouTube channels blocked by this app, but now it just does not hide their s...videos! Please, repair it, Lemonrice!!