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  • Sigo viendo los canales que quería bloquear...
  • Sadly, no longer appears to work (Firefox 65.0.1) and hasn't been updated in some time.
  • it doesnt seem to be working anymore
  • Does not work on firefox. Works fine on Chrome though.
  • Great add on, only problem that i see is that youtube trending wont load thumbnails when this add on is enabled, Other than that, must have add on.
  • doesnt work (fox v.65)
  • I installed that add-on to block curtain channels, but it does not block them. Videos from those channels still appears in my search and such.
  • doesn't work
  • no funciona en absoluto, he reiniciado varias veces el navedor, refrescado youtube y nada, sigue mostrando sugerencias de video con las palabras clave que se supone debe ocultarme
  • 機能しないというレビューが多いですが私の環境ではしっかり働いています。
  • Doesn't work
  • Straight up does not work on FireFox.
  • doesnt work
  • Does not work on FFQ 64