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  • "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox - Not compatible with Firefox QuantumNot compatible with Firefox Quantum". Firefox 60.0 x64, Windows 10.
  • 2fa does not work with my firefox 64 bit version 58.0.2 in combination with Facebook. The settings in Facebook say that browser firefox does not support u2f, with usb-keys, such as the Yubico nano.
    Ruud. 8-2-2018

    To use the option below: 'Use a User Agent switcher to identify as chrome to websites', I don't understand. Maybe someone will explain this in this bloc. Ruud 8-2-2018
  • I don't have this addon but there is already support for u2f in firefox 57.
    1. Go to about:confg
    2. Enable "security.webauth.u2f"
    3. Use a User Agent switcher to identify as chrome to websites.
    4. And now you can use U2F with firefox.
    5. Hopefully, more websites will stop using "Chrome" as the only browser for U2F
  • Great Add-On. I really miss this in Firefox 57!
  • Unfortunately this addon is not compatible with Firefox versions >= 57 :-(
    Works great on older versions. Please update!

    UPDATE: This extension is not needed with Firefox 57. According to an older comment on this page, you just need to enable U2F support via "about:config". Search for "webauth" and enable "security.webauth.u2f". That's enough!

    Note: if you use Fedora Linux you currently need to install the "u2f-hidraw-policy" package. It will be added as a dependency package in Fedora, soon (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1513968).

    Then reboot.
  • Works as expected in Firefox ESR 52.4.1, tested with the Yubico U2F demo and GitHub.

    Unfortunately, many websites still claim U2F only works in Google Chrome.
  • Excellent addon but not supported in latest FireFox versions. Please update!
  • Tested with FF 54.0.1 and FF 56.0 on Windows PC and MacOS MacBook Pro, worked as expected.
  • Only way to use token on firefox, please update <3
  • The plugin used to work great but needs to be updated
  • My antivirus detected that the file called u2f.exe was infected and blocked it. Multiple times showed me the alert as critical
  • Works great with Ledger Nano S.
  • Please, add support for Firefox Nightly
  • I would like to see this ported over to Web Extensions.
  • Firefox 57 will no longer work with this great extension because this extension doesn't support e10s/multiprocess and isn't WebExtension compatible.
    Please add support for WebExtension.
  • Works as it should. Doesn't work on Google sign in pages, presumably their fault?

    The real question is why isn't this built into firefox?
  • Works great
  • Works as intended.
  • Does not work with Hyersecu's HyperFIDO U2F key
  • Works great
  • I don't know if it didn't work in Firefox 52, but it does work in current Firefox DevEdition. :)
  • Firefox 52.0 64 bits, Linux Mint 18.1, Neowave Keydo U2F Security Key : don't work.
    Same specs but Chromium 56.0.2924.76 : OK.
  • Firefox 51.0.1 (Linux)
    Trying to use with wordpress and facebook and they says: "your browser doesn't support... "