130 reviews
  • works well
  • Confusing interface and support docs. I couldn't get it to do what I thought it was supposed to do.
  • Not good as Private Tab because what I search in this Temporary Containers was collected in browser history.

    Edit: Found setting to auto delete history but still not good enough because what I type in "fill box" like tab or google search box is still there
    Sorry it doesn't meet your needs. Please note that Temporary Containers does not support "Private Tabs" because the needed Firefox APIs are not available to provide that feature - hence there's no mention in the TC description saying you're able to open "Private Tabs". If Firefox implements the needed APIs, I'll look into adding that feature.
  • very useful when you have to verify several different sessions in the same time. One improvement I would like would be the possibility the change the color for each tab / session to avoid mistakes.
  • Вместе с Firefox Multi-Account Containers (https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/multi-account-containers) образует мощную систему контейнерной изоляций сайтов. Действительно классная вещь.
  • One of the must to have addon ever.
    Automatic mode is perfect just activate it and forget everything else.
    Only one thing It should add all same domain & subdomain in the same container seems logic for me no ?
  • The auto mode set it and forget it is a dream! An indispensable add-on to combat all the big tech companies (Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc) that follow you around the web and record huge amount of data about you.
  • One of the best addons for privacy.
  • This is extremely useful and powerful to have to keep cookies isolated