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  • Лучшего на данный момент нет!
  • The options page is somewhat complicated, but after the initial customization there's no need to visit it ever again.

    This feature should really be provided by Firefox itself.
  • powerful and easy to use
  • Can you open several searches with one click?
  • Excellent and works perfectly! Brilliant configuration setup.

    Would be a great help if we could turn off the favicons as they seem very slow sometimes to appear and just "pop" in.... quite distracting.
  • This is truly a fabulous work. Thank you very much!
  • By far the best ! And with separators, submenus, and even submenus of submenus !

    With almost fifty entries (at this day) spread in seven submenus regarding categories, it is one of my main permanent tools in Firefox.

    If there is a donation page, tell me where it is and I'm in !
  • Pretty awesome. I just wish separators would show on the popup.
  • The addons works for the most part, but the reason I installed it was to use my bookmark searches for images and none of them work. The "%s" isn't replaced by the image URL, so I have to copy paste all my bookmarks into the addon :/
  • Excellent for reading or general browsing, the popup is perfect.

    However, it's very annoying when editing. The extension needs: (A) a toolbar icon to quickly enable/disable the popup. (B) an option to disable the popup on selections inside inputs or textareas. (C) perhaps whitelists and blacklists of pages/domains where the popup will/won't be used.

    Also, it's somewhat concerning that this is not open-source -- for more easily vetting the safety and for submitting pull-requests.
  • Excellent functionality, very useful - until it prevented the saving of bookmarks.
    Disabling the extension restores normal bookmarking operation.
    Linux, FF v64 and at least one version earlier.

    I bookmark a page, it's visible in the bookmarks list, but when restarting FF it's no longer there.
    Also, after bookmarking one page on a tab and moving to the next (un-bookmarked) page on a different tab, that page shows as bookmarked: the star in the address bar is filled in blue - but this is bogus: clicking on it does nothing and neither does the menu entry "Bookmarks|Bookmark This Page".

    Essentially I find the same problem as poster m4758406 (5 months ago at the time of this post).

    A very poor workaround can be had by keeping an external list of sites, and then copy/pasting each URL one at a time. Bookmark one tab, close FF, restart (bookmark was saved) - then copy/paste bookmarking the next in the same way.

    I'm not sure the developer is still actively supporting this and his other extensions: the last updates for them are showing as a year ago.
    That's unfortunate. Aside from the bookmarking problem this extension was very useful.
  • its excellent
  • I found the culprit for the Icons not showing up on the pop up, it's the "Fanboy’s Enhanced Tracking List​​​​​​​​" filter from uBlock Origin. That is the only filter that blocks the icons,also it does this only on pages FETL is actively blocking something. It would be good if you could get it to work with it if it's possible.
    Thank you for the addon, it's great and I use it all the time. I recommend it, deserves a donation button.

    FETL github: https://github.com/ryanbr/fanboy-adblock