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  • This tool is good and it works well too. The only thing that is somewhat of a concern is the impression that the developer is not really satisfied with all the 5 stars rating, the nice reviews and having over 80k users.

    One of the posts on the developers homepage: "Google and Mozilla are failing to support browser extension developers" - clearly spells out that he is not getting any profit, or enough profit.

    And it goes on with further complaining: "Accepting such an offer may significantly improve one’s life, and it can be potentially life-changing. It feels like a just reward for all those years of free labor, and it’s uplifting for someone to value your work and propose to buy your project."

    "Mozilla has deprioritized the placement of the donation button during the redesign of Firefox Add-ons. The button was pushed below the fold, previously it was featured prominently near the install button. Requesting donations at the end of the install flow has also been deprecated."

    Here he is complaining about that Mozilla did redesign AMO. While the new design made the donation button less in your face, the developer is obviously not pleased with this new design.

    He also shows examples of people who is contacting him and making a business propose. Another hint rubbing into our face that he get offers to sell his extensions but have no done that. (in other words, people contacting me offering me money for my extensions) a guilt trip for not getting enough donations from the users.

    Conclusion, the fact that one of the extensions (Search by image) has getting the recommended status by Mozilla, all the nice reviews, all the 5 stars and all the 82k users that most likely will increase each day, is not enough for him. He is, between the lines, bitter and complaining that he do not get any money from us, or at least, not enough donations.

    There are plenty open source developers out there who is not that hungry for money. There are open source developers who choose to not have that contribute button even.

    Source: https://armin.dev/blog/2019/08/supporting-browser-extension-developers/
    I have presented the current state of open source funding on extension stores, and gave some perspective about what developers are exposed to. From one part Mozilla seems disinterested in helping developers on Firefox Add-ons in funding open source projects, while scammers are more than happy to buy out your projects.

    I am not between the lines as you say, nor hungry for money. If I would want more money, I wouldn't insist on releasing all my work for free, and with open source licenses. Nor would have I spent years of my life as a core developer at Kivy. Volunteering and giving away everything for free are pretty inefficient ways to get more money.

    Users are more than generous and do support my work, and I am grateful for all the positive feedback my projects receive. Again, I am calling out Google and Mozilla for deprecating features that help fund open source development, and for not caring about this important aspect of the extension ecosystem, while seemingly losing the fight at reducing the number of malicious extensions and the exploitation of users.

    I did not appreciate having to read your personal attack, and I hope you'll realize how out of the line you were.