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  • this is excellent & does a great job, although unfortunately developer does not include any privacy search engines (like DuckDuckGo or StartPage for example). hopefully the next updated version will also include some additional Privacy Search Engines ...one can only hope.

    P.S. yes, after doing some of my own research on topic, i see that you are indeed correct regarding DDG & Startpage, sad fact unfortunately. have changed my review based on your response (glad to see that you take notice of users comments !). hope that you continue development of this excellent add-on, and hopefully you may even add additional options and the ability to add other image search engines as they become available. thank you for all the hard work !
    DuckDuckGo and Startpage don't offer a reverse image search service.
  • Очень удобно искать по картинке,вообщем свои функции выполняет
  • The best.
  • عالیه👍👍👍
  • 便捷