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  • Really good addon, does what it's supposed to do. Love it !
    glad to hear it!
  • Thank you so much for this! No more clickbait garbage on YouTube! Two suggestions I'd to give is one:
    Add the ability to blacklist words, tags, etc so that way you won't have to see any specific video "recommended" by YouTube, rather than blacklisting all videos on a video you're watching. That way, say you're watching a video relating to your favorite franchise, you won't have to see garbage rants about it like "why this movie makes no sense" and etc.
    And two: An ability to get suggested videos from a channel you're watching only, rather "related" videos from other "YouTubers". Like if you're watching videos from your favorite YouTuber, you only get videos from said YouTuber and no other YouTubers' videos from the suggestions section next to the video. Other than that, thank you again for making this awesome add-on! 5 stars!!
    Glad you like it and good suggestions! I'll look into it adding those features.
  • Works! This addon makes Youtube usable for me. Just the video I want, nothing more. Thanks to the developer!
  • The developer has done a great job. The Youtube irrelevant suggestions are over. The only little glitch is that you can't comment on any video so that would be great to have this option that you can check or uncheck as you wish. Except that, it's working great
    This bug should be fixed with the most recent update! (2.1.1)
  • There is a little bit latency but it works. Would be good if it worked on android.
    I've tried getting rid of the latency on the homepage... it's tricky :|
  • Makes life so much simpler. Highly recommended. Blocks all the "fake" and "in your face" content. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful addon!!! Thank you again!
    :) sure thing!
  • EDIT: This add-on is now interfering with the comments section, i can no longer see comments...
    Thank you so much for this addon. You've had me relieve from the constant mess of continuous prying recommended videos
    I'm glad to hear it
  • I'm so enormously happy to see white where the fucking annoying youtube "suggestions" were. Good riddance! After too many times being annoyed by irrelevant content I decided to act on this brain damage. In fact, it's worse than irrelevant: the "suggestions" are junk food for my brain, everyday. It hurst, the stupidity. Before installing this extension, as a test I deleted all cookies that contained "youtube" or "google" in its name, and logged out of the google account. Then I looked for some topics that interest me, like science, or music. Well, 50% of everything I got was promoted rubbish just because it's new, no regard whatsoever on quality, or trajectory; just new content! hell yeah!. On the science front things were worse, with 50% of all results being pseudoscience, or the crap that has to start with a number like "15 things you don't know about ... and that will blow your mind". Some arrogance there, free with your order! I reject this empire of idiocy that is google, so I'm extremely happy that the "suggestions" are gone. I'll NEVER go to youtube again without extensions/scripts that block the bullshit. It's fantastic, getting the internet the way I want it.
    Thank you and what a review! I hear you and share a lot of the same frustrations! Always good to hear I'm not the only who finds this extension useful.
  • amazing
  • It works great, thanks a lot. Also, can I suggest a feature? Maybe add the ability to turn off recommended videos after the current video ends (the 9 videos which appear on the player).
    Good idea! I'll add it when I get a chance.
  • Definetely the best one out there. Only two problems with it: The homepage suggestions still appear for a few seconds before it's blocked; and with suggestions removed, the autoplay button also disappears, so I have no control on that.
    Thanks for the tip, the updated version (1.2.2) should bring back the autoplay button. I'm finding it harder to fix the few seconds where the homepage suggestions appear but I'll keep looking into it.
  • UPD4. my bad, sorry! When "homepage" checkbox is active, then homepage is just "blank". I'd like to have updates of my channels, and no "suggestions". Not to remove everything.
    Oh no! I’d like to fix that. Do you mind telling me your OS and Firefox version?

    edit: hmm I can't reproduce it. Is there anything unusual about your setup?

    edit2: that's the intention of this addon
  • Hi ! Great extension. Could you make an update to choose to disable the recommendation of the frontpage only ? Thanks !

    Edit: omg this is perfect, thank you so much !
    Thanks for the review! There's a preference page for this extension (can be found if you type "about:addons" in the address bar) where you can choose which recommendations to enable/disable. Let me know if it doesn't work.
  • Legend. Does what it says on the tin.
    FUNNY ENOUGH I also called it a rabbit hole the other day.
    That's high praise. I like your diction
  • This add-on is without doubt excellent - and highly improved after the new option to only turn off suggestions on the homepage!! You have truly made YouTube great again with the removal of annoying clickbait-videos! Thank you for listening to my tip :) The five stars are well deserved.
    Thanks for the good tip!
  • Concise and a great addon. Top shelf stuff.
    hmm I wonder who wrote this.. thanks anon!