207 reviews
  • Works pretty well !
    ONLY thing missing for me is an option to pass downloads to KGET. Please make it happen !
  • It rocks!
  • Fantastic! I always wanted this! Great work!
  • If it works in Private mode, I would rate 5/5.
  • Brilliant. Works as expected.
  • Firefox is still opening files with wrong programs after installing this plugin. For example opening PDFs with Krita or GIMP instead of Okular. I just wanted Firefox to open files as configured in KDE-Plasma. I can manually configure Firefox to use the desired programs for each MIME time but there are several of them, and it does not even show Okular as an option so I have to manually introduce the executable path which in most cases changes between verions (IE a folder with the version number).
  • Total problem solving extension! Using along with GSconnect to get total control of the computer using phone. Great extension!
  • It also works great with KDE connect so you can control firefox visiting media sites such as youtube from your phone. Kudos