208 reviews
  • Best to integrate with KDE, but more features should be better!
  • spox
  • Muchas gracias equipo KDE, un saludo desde Latinoamérica!
  • Simple excelent
  • A good addition, but unfortunately does not support switching tracks (forward, backward) on most sites. However, in conjunction with the "Web Media Controller" extension from Bogdan Sinitsyn, this drawback can be fixed and rewinding will work!!!
  • Brings a lot of quality of life improvements to the plasma desktop. The only problem that I found is that it disables WhatsApp Web sound notifications, which forced me to disable the extension.
  • works
  • Lovely overall and extremely useful, but audio playback on forvo.com doesn't work if I enable 'Extended media controls' (not sure what it's called in English, I'm using German).
  • I really like it, but the icon doesn't appear at all when using dark theme. Could you please make it Black with white outline, so it can appear in light, and dark themes?