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  • Completely unacceptable to ask a sub for a simple dark mode. Don't bother with this trash.
  • I am a big fan of the concept! Some sites look wonderful. Yet, the extra overload is not worth it and some images and buttons disappear.
  • Doesn't work on most sites and makes many of the sites it *does* work on completely unusable.
  • nice nice nice nice !!!
  • PAYED SUBSCRIPTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Payable extension?
  • The best extension for vision protection, fully customizable, I have set it up almost without any blue, and it is best for the eyes, thank you for this excellent application.
  • Asking for money for a simple dark add-on is simply unacceptable. There are many other choices for free.
  • I would avoid this addon. While it works very well, as advertised, the developer charges money for it after a 3 month trial. That would have been ok with me, except it's a subscription-based model. Very ridiculous. I would have been ok with paying maybe $5 (which is fair for what it is) for an outright lifetime license. But anyways, I recommend for something similar, try using the addon called 'Dark Night Mode'. It's similar and works well out the box, has a higher rating, and is fully free. For something with more features and customization, I really like 'Dark Reader'.
  • Messed with pictures and layouts, also with some extensions, for example greasemonkey, couldn't use it at all and setting of night eye were also not functional. No-go for me
  • Does apply night mode to websites well but loading times are hit pretty hard. If the developer can optimize that, it would make for a great extension. If not, not worth the load delays.
  • Really helpful when working at night or in rooms with not enough light. Amazing!
  • Great. I've tried all the other alternatives. None of them match the performance of this one. This is the best out of all. Please keep updating it regularly :)
  • I cannot work on my laptop without this extension anymore. It is that good!
  • The extension is working like magic plus the support was very quick to react and friendly. Keep up guys!
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