592 reviews
  • Thank you
  • Asks to access browsing history. Why on earth does it need this?
  • This extension works very well and is one of my favourates I love this
  • Endlich habe ich wieder die gewünschte Suchmaschine im neuen Tab. Vielen Dank!!
  • It operates as it should and I am pleased with the simplicity of the user interface. I just wish Mozilla would implement this in Firefox. It should already be an implemented feature.
  • A minimalistic and functional alternative to other extensions that should be included with FireFox by default (its your fault you go to SpyWare loaded sites and still use Windows)

    - No annoying pop up page with Sync
    - Does what it is supposed to do
    - Enables focus being on page not on the search bar meaning my custom start page can be used to search (as designed)
    - No annoying, kvetching or clickbait on new tab opening

    - None to my use case
  • Good
  • Works, but can not use url "chrome://browser/content/places/bookmarksSidebar.xul". This addon need url with http or https. I need "chrome://browser/content/places/bookmarksSidebar.xul"
  • Booyah! Oh yeah baby. 😁👍