518 reviews
  • Does the job effectively
  • Sometimes it doesn't have the block options that I think for but it works fine.

    Helped me stop wasting so much time, my productivity went up through the roof
  • thank you, you help me block the reflex action of checking facebook. yes i block FB, and i feel free.
  • Excellent if you're quickly distracted like me. (You don't have to wonder why I'm writing this review...) You can easily turn off the extension, but that's not the point if you install this voluntarily. Now back to work!
  • Whenever my mind wanders during work, I almost unconsciously check my email or open reddit. LeechBlock helps eliminate this bad habit.
  • Simply blocks all distractions given you have a bit of discipline. I recently got depressed because of reading news daily. I blocked all related pages on my PC and my Android phone. It just works, but might need a slight learning curve.
  • This is great. I can use lots of customization.
  • Is there any way to get a dark background for the block page??
    Yes. Options > General > Miscellaneous > Theme: Dark.
  • Perfect for keeping myself productive
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak