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  • Hello, it's been 20:08 GMT + 7, and I set all my blocked site to be unblocked at 19:00, but none of them have been unblocked. May I know what timezone this app use, so I can adapt to it. Thanks.
    LB should honor the local time zone. Please post this as an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/proginosko/LeechBlockNG/issues
  • This is saving my writing career. Easy to set to block the sites I know I want to visit, while leaving the sites (like Google Books) that I need for research. Easy to disable (sometimes) if I want to spend my precious life energy on wasteful activities. But when it works, and I try to visit my verboten site, it shows the blocked access screen and I breath easy and refocus on work. Highly recommended.
  • usually great but randomly stopped working 3 days ago
    Thanks for the review! Please use support forums for troubleshooting issues.
  • Massively improves productivity
  • I used to have a good experience with this addon and its older pre-FF57 incarnation, but these days it paralyses Firefox as soon as I install or enable it. Does it conflict with other addons or features e.g Firefox Containers? Firefox Sync?
    running on KDE Neon (=Ubuntu)

    Answering the developer: yes, I have hundreds of tabs open (most are suspended). That's probably the issue then, thanks for the advice. I'll move my rating from 2 to 4 stars as the addon itself is great.
    No known conflicts. Do you have many tabs open? Try selecting "Process only active tabs" under General options.

    Update: v0.9.11 includes performance improvements which should make for a better experience.
  • I don't know how to temporaily override blocking set.
    Select "Allow temporary override for these sites" for the relevant block set. Specify length of override period under General tab. Then, to activate override, select Override from toolbar menu.
  • Honestly, I created an account just to review this add-on. I know LeechBlock is very simple, yet it has greatly improved my work. I'm doing a PhD and should manage my time by my-self. Thus, I am free to procrastinate, which lead to very bad habits. I was introduced to LeechBlock by my girlfriend and it is doing an amazing job for me! I stopped thinking about procrastinating, am a more effective person in general and my work is beginning to lift off. Thanks!
    I love stories like this. :)
  • I put this on for Reddit, Twitter and Youtube with 5 minute allowances every 4 hours. Works like a charm and has helped me really cut down on time spent
  • I'm productive now! though i wish you could set a 16 character random password for override, because i feel 32 is a bit too long
  • In firefox 66.0.2 I cannot update settings with the option " save & close " ... For some reason once has been closed up I can still joining blocked sites ... Can you actually check if this is happening ? I would appreciate if can be fixed up... Great add-on by the way. I would appreciate if you can answer me, thanks!
    Thanks for the bug report! Should be fixed in v0.9.10.1.
  • Perfect,

    close enough.
  • [EDIT]
    Thanks for your VERY reactive answer <3
    Meanwhile, I found a trick that is even better in my case ; I set it up on 2 minutes every 15 minutes, and does not turn off the page (so if I stay with my work group and do not change conversation, I can still work.
    Omg, I REALLY DO love your add-on !! Wish I could give more stars !!

    Does the job but a bit too perfectly as I set it up. I needed to stop Facebook. Well, it's done, and I'm glad with that.
    But I need facebook/messages (Messenger) to keep working with some student groups ; is there a way to add some exceptions?
    (I'd contribute if my bank account would allow me to.)
    Yes, you can add exceptions: https://www.proginosko.com/leechblock/faq/exceptions/
  • Much needed! Should be an inbuilt feature in the browsers :D. I love the "Block Set" feature, thereby I can categorize my distraction websites and set different block times for each set.
  • Probably a bug, but this extension slows firefox down to a crawl on Kubuntu 18.04 (up to date as of 02/25/19). Loading URL webpages takes significantly longer.