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Version 538.7 KiB Works with Firefox 56.0 and later

Changes in Kee 2.3

* Fixes a bug which caused notifications to not display. In some situations this would have caused the dialog for updating a password to remain on screen after the Update button had been pressed and the password was successfully updated.
* Options now open in a new tab (avoids a Chrome 65 scrolling bug)

Version 2.2.9 557.2 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 56.0 and later, Firefox 56.0 and later

Changes in Kee 2.2

* Search your KeePass databases from within your browser - quickly find the website you want and load it (optionally in a new tab) to get Kee to autofill and log you in easily
* Keyboard navigation for matched logins, search results and password profiles (
* Improved ability to submit forms and detect submitted values
* Speed improvements (especially on a few specific websites)
* More information about the speed and submission improvements can be found at
* The browser's form auto-fill feature is now hidden when Kee's matched logins dialog is displayed
* Workaround for Firefox bug in #71 (Network Authentication popup is blank/empty/white for some users)
* Reduced quantity of messages displayed in the browser console (affects web developers only)

Version 2.1.26 516.7 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 56.0 and later, Firefox 56.0 and later

Changes in Kee 2.1

* Specific site settings can now be deleted
* When no database name is set explicitly, the database file name will be displayed instead
* Fixed issue that resulted in unused generated passwords being stored in the 'Kee Generated Password Backups' database group

Version 450.0 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 56.0 and later, Firefox 56.0 and later

Welcome to Kee 2.0

The new name for KeeFox

Version 2.0 brings exciting new features and some enforced changes in order to support Firefox 57 and higher.

Please spend a few minutes going through the new interactive tutorial to learn how to use the new version.

The main new and removed features in Kee 2.0 are outlined at:

Check out our new community support forum if you haven't already seen it:

We've also got a shiny new website:

If you have not upgraded KeeFox recently, you will need to manually copy a file into your KeePass plugins folder. Instructions can be found at:

You can find much more information about Kee 2.0 in the following news article and the links included within it:

Enjoy! (please don't break it straight away :-D )

Known issues:

Network Authentication dialog window is white sometimes (Linux users only?). Tracked in and upstream Firefox bug:

Version 1.7.2 843.9 KiB Works with Firefox 32.0 - 56.*, Thunderbird 32.0 - 56.*

KeeFox 2.0 is coming soon
* You should upgrade to this version before upgrading to KeeFox 2.0 to ensure a smooth upgrade to KeeFox 2.0 later
* See for more details

After upgrading KeeFox, you will need to manually install the new version of KeePassRPC.plgx using the simple instructions at - Microsoft Windows users would have previously been assisted in this task by KeeFox but the new release of Firefox bans the use of such assistance.

Version 1.7.0 998.5 KiB Works with Firefox 32.0 - 56.*, Thunderbird 32.0 - 56.*

KeeFox 2.0 is coming soon
* You must upgrade to this version before upgrading to KeeFox 2.0 to ensure a smooth upgrade to KeeFox 2.0 later
* See for more details

New experimental form-filling feature - Trigger Change/Input Event after auto-fill
* Try enabling this (in Options / Filling Entries) if you find that some login forms complain that the form is not filled in by KeeFox when in fact it is

Better support for proxy dialog boxes and thunderbird authentication

Updated locales

Version 1.6.4 842.1 KiB Works with Firefox 32.0 - 56.*, Thunderbird 32.0 - 51.*

* Security patch - further details at
* Support for HTTP Auth dialogs in Firefox 50+ (again)

Version 1.6.3 993.0 KiB Works with Firefox 32.0 - 50.*, Thunderbird 32.0 - 49.*

  • Minor domain name identification bug fix that will improve URL matching accuracy of a small number of websites
  • Support for recent Thunderbird versions and recent Gmail (Google) OAuth changes
  • Support for HTTP Auth dialogs in Firefox 50+
  • Adds support for the rarely seen loading spinner in Firefox 48+
  • Updated locales

Version 1.6.0 842.4 KiB Works with Firefox 32.0 - 49.*, Thunderbird 32.0 - 47.*

KeeFox 1.6 improvements:

  • Display the "save password?" dialog less frequently
  • A new (default enabled) KeePassRPC option automatically stores passwords that were auto-generated for KeeFox in a special "KeeFox Generated Password Backups" group
  • More accurate form-filling of radio buttons in some situations
  • Support for Firefox changes introduced in versions 44, 46 and 47
  • Improved detection of and advice about invalid KeePass entry configurations
  • Prevented some duplicate UUID possibilities
  • Other general code and text improvements

New minimum system requirements:

  • Firefox 32
  • KeePass 2.19
  • .NET Framework 4

Please see for more information about the new minimum system requirements, especially if you use Windows 7 or earlier.

Upgrades from KeeFox versions earlier than 1.3 will require manual intervention so it is recommended to upgrade to an intermediate version first.

Version 1.5.4 949.7 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 46.*, Thunderbird 29.0 - 44.*


  • Updated KeeFox to work with Firefox 44
  • Matched password notifications were too invisible for some users and too visible for others so this version reveals them for localisers to translate and also offers an option to disable them for those that see them too often
  • Enables KeePass synchronisation option when saving to an externally modified KeePass database
  • Protect against a possible "nsIHttpChannel" bug in non-standard versions of Firefox (e.g. CyberFox)
  • HTTP Auth dropdown list of logins now displays the first URL listed within each matching KeePass entry
  • Improved notification box style for FireFox 44 users
  • Updated translations for lots of languages

Bug fixes:

  • HTTP Auth matched logins are not ordered by relevance in the dropdown popup (#568)
  • "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex cannot be larger than length of string" error message (#544)
  • "Input string was not in a correct format" error message (#567)
  • Log level selection did not work in non-English locales

Supported Firefox versions: 29+

Version 1.5.3 928.6 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0 - 43.*, Thunderbird 29.0 - 43.*

Main changes:

  • Form filling improvements
  • Improved "Save password" feature including ability to update an existing password

In a few cases you'll have to change your KeePass entries to get the improved automatic form filling to work perfectly.

To read more about the large number of changes in KeeFox 1.5, please see the article on the official website:

If you want all the gory technical detail you can see the full changelog on github (but be warned, there are 25,000 lines of changed code!):

Supported Firefox versions: 29+

Version 908.6 KiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 40.*, Thunderbird 22.0 - 37.*

Fix for broken setup in recent Firefox versions.

Unrelated to

Version 926.3 KiB Works with Firefox 22.0 - 39.*, Thunderbird 22.0 - 37.*

1. Slovenian language added
2. Performance improvement: Some parts of KeeFox will be faster provided you use a recent version of Firefox (37+) although many people will not notice a difference. More details are below.

Known issue: Users with multiple databases where those databases have unusual characters in their file name may experience some minor problems.

If you can type your database filename on a standard US, UK or European keyboard you are unlikely to be affected.

If you think you might be affected, just rename your database to one that contains plain ASCII characters or upgrade to KeeFox 1.5 once it's released.

More detail is here:

Performance changes

Some complex changes to Firefox over the recent versions leading up to Firefox 37 will cause some aspects of KeeFox version 1.4.6 and older to be much slower for users with large password databases and/or slow computers.

This new version speeds things up (now faster than ever before) but it will be slightly slower for users of Firefox 36 and below. I recommend upgrading anyway since it is unlikely you will notice the slow down but if your specific situation does result in worse performance, please just remember to upgrade KeeFox before you upgrade to Firefox 37.

Firefox 37 was released on the 7th of April 2015.

There are more technical details about the change here:

Version 917.0 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 38.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 36.*

Bug fix for Thunderbird users - in 1.4.5 it was only possible to login to IMAP email accounts

Version 917.0 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 36.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 36.*

- Security warning about an old version now appears in 2017 instead of yesterday
- Also updated a few locales

Version 891.4 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 35.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 35.*

- It is now possible to remove an entry from the per-site configuration window.
- Added support for Firefox 35+
- Fixed: When saving passwords, the "never for this site" button did not work reliably.
- There are a few issues with KeePass 2.28 for users with very high quality screens (high DPI/PPI). This release fixes the most annoying of those - the others are pretty minor niggles.
- Other minor bug fixes

Version 875.4 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 33.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 33.*

This release mainly focusses on improving the setup and management of KeeFox for users of portable KeePass and Firefox. See|-Portable-KeeFox for updated instructions if you're interested in this feature.


- Prevent user configuring KeePassRPC to communicate on port 0 or 12536
- Simplified KeePass location configuration options
- Allow use of relative paths in fields like KeePass location
- FIXED: KeePass zip (portable) file extraction during setup failed
- Other minor bits of tidying up

Version 907.8 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 32.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 31.*

- Important fixes for Firefox 30 to allow the main panel to appear when the KeeFox button is clicked.
- New option to control number of matched logins displayed on main panel.
- Default matched logins listed on main panel is now 5.
- FIXED: Some circumstances led to matched logins not being cleared from view correctly.
- FIXED: Widget status was sometimes not updated when Firefox first starts.

Known issues:

The new option has not been translated to non-English languages due to the urgent need to release the fixes for Firefox 30

In Firefox 29:
1) Buttons are a little too small, most notably when chopping off the back button.
2) After the KeeFox panel has expanded to contain new contents, it will not shrink again until closed.
(these are due to Firefox bugs fixed in FF30)

In Firefox 30+:
A scroll bar appears in the panel when you are not logged in to KeePass
(this is due to an unidentified Firefox bug which I've been unable to workaround despite many days of work)

In Firefox 31+:
Scroll bars that appear when the panel size grows too large for your screen will not entirely dissapear when the contents shrinks again (until you close and re-open the KeeFox panel).
(unknown cause)

Version 906.4 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 29.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 31.*

  • Fixes a bug where an empty subgroup can cause all logins to appear in main panel
  • Greek translation added
  • A few other translations updated

Version 878.2 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 31.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 31.*

KeeFox 1.4 has a new look!

You can now access all KeeFox features from a single toolbar button.

There are some new features too, such as the ability to search for KeePass logins without leaving Firefox.

Most of these features are only possible in Firefox 29 and above but users of older versions of Firefox will benefit from a few minor changes and bug fixes.

Other notable features and bug fixes are listed below:

  • New translations: Finnish, Russian and Spanish.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for generating a password, changing database and forcing detection of forms on the current page.
  • A workaround for systems with badly configured HTTP proxies allows KeeFox to connect to KeePass in more situations (albeit with a 73 second delay)
  • KeePassRPC options panel no longer allows selection of legacy protocol port for web socket use
  • KeePassRPC will bind only to loopback by default, advanced users can bind to all interfaces by setting the KeePass XML config option "KeePassRPC.webSocket.bindOnlyToLoopback" to false
  • KeePassRPC options dialog no longer leaves KeePass in a "dialog open" state (which caused issues such as a disabled tray icon menu)
  • Implemented detection of KeePass and .NET version for metrics collection (as per existing privacy policy)
  • Fixes bug where Options / Finding Entries combo boxes render incorrectly when changed
  • Added KeePassRPC logging to record failed cryptographic operations (e.g. in Mono)
  • New option to enable display of usernames in the list of logins and search results
  • Fixed style compatibility bug that affects other add-ons and Firefox bookmarks widget in FF29+

Known issues:

  • Options have to be shared with all Firefox versions so:
    1. Some of the new options will not work until you upgrade to Firefox 29+
    2. The options to control the flashing effect on the old toolbar have been removed since they have no effect in Firefox 29+. They can still be set through advanced options so get in touch if you can't upgrade to Firefox 29 and need help with this.
  • Keyboard shortcuts don't always work correctly if you put the KeeFox button inside the Firefox main menu.
  • Sometimes Firefox doesn't correctly calculate the size of the KeeFox panel, leading to excess margins or unnecessary scroll bars.

Version 790.2 KiB Works with Firefox 17.0 - 29.*, Thunderbird 17.0 - 28.*

After the usual upgrade process you will be asked to authorise the connection from KeeFox to KeePass. More details here:

Changes in KeeFox 1.3:

  • A more secure (and easier to debug) connection to KeePass
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Context (mouse right-click) menus
  • Anonymous statistics collection to help us make improvements in the future
  • Various bug fixes

We now have a privacy policy to confirm that we do not store any personal or private data and provide further information about the anonymous data we collect:

All the technical details can be found on github as usual:

v1.3.1 contains minor bug fixes and non-functional code changes since v1.3.0.

Version 673.3 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 27.*, Thunderbird 5.0 - 27.*

Known issue with this release: This version requires .NET Framework 3.0 or higher.

Windows XP users who are still running the old version 2.0 of the .NET framework will need to install a newer version of the .NET framework from Microsoft's website or downgrade KeeFox to 1.2.3 (or, if available, upgrade to KeeFox 1.3). You will also have to manually delete the KeePassRPC.plgx plugin from your KeePass plugins folder.

This is mainly a bug fix release but also contains some new translations and a couple of other improvements.

  • Fixed a couple of bugs that caused some passwords to not save to KeePass
  • Danish, French and Russian languages created / updated
  • A fix for Thunderbird 25
  • Fix for intermittent failed KeePass shutdown on Mono (Mac/Linux)
  • Improved usability when KeePass loads a database from a remote network
  • Some other small changes

Version 639.1 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 24.*, Thunderbird 5.0 - 22.*

Improved form matching
  • Forms no longer need a password field
  • More multi-page logins work correctly
  • New types of form field dealt with correctly (HTML5)
  • The old "monitor each web page for new forms" feature has been upgraded to allow monitoring on only specific websites (if you used the old feature, you shouldn't notice any difference but I strongly recommend disabling this on all sites except for the occasional specific ones on which it is needed)

Per-site configuration allows:
  • You to quickly get many previously problematic websites working correctly
  • KeeFox developers to make most popular websites work for all users in a future KeeFox version

New localisation module reduces work for translators (hopefully leading to new translators joining the team) and allows the "useful tips" and similar messages to be translated for the first time.

A new configuration storage system within each KeePass entry is required to enable some of the features above so once you upgrade your KeePass database you won't be able to go back unless you revert to an earlier backup. The upgrade process has been tested (and applied to many databases with hundreds of entries) but please pay attention to the warning about making a backup.

Login popups (e.g. HTTP Authentication and Thunderbird mail accounts) allow you to open your password database without cancelling the login popup
Thunderbird login matching improved

The detailed (and fairly technical) set of changes can be viewed on github as usual:

Version 598.9 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 21.*, Thunderbird 5.0 - 21.*

Fixes problem for new users with Firefox 18: Initial setup process was unable to download KeePass and .NET due to a breaking change in Firefox 18.

Existing users will be unaffected by the change.

Version 598.9 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 18.*, Thunderbird 5.0 - 16.*

- PRIVACY: Passwords could sometimes be displayed in the "error console" (see

Version 616.3 KiB Works with Firefox 4.0 - 17.*, Thunderbird 5.0 - 17.*

KeeFox 1.1 contains dozens of new and improved features and a few important bug fixes, the highlights are below.

  • Multiple database support. Seamlessly work with more than one KeePass database thanks to these improvements:
    • Logins from all open (unlocked) databases are matched (and automatically filled / submitted depending on your configuration)
    • Logins from all open databases are listed on the Logins toolbar button
    • A new login can be saved into any open database
    • Changing databases from within KeeFox is now reliable and predictable
  • Improved form matching accuracy: when KeeFox knows how many form fields to expect for an entry it will now use that information to help select the correct form on a page
  • Instant edit feature added: Review and edit every entry that KeeFox saves (disabled by default).
  • Memory leak fixed: This will be a big improvement for heavy Firefox users who do not shutdown Firefox for days or weeks at a time
  • Added option to require more accurate URL matching for specific entries (previously possible through a hidden KeePass "advanced string")
  • Thunderbird support (in beta testing)
  • Improvements to setup instructions, especially for non-admin users and Mono (Mac & Linux) users
  • First-run improvements (e.g. automatic save of your first KeePass database and a link to information about importing existing passwords)
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements
  • Removed support for Firefox versions earlier than 4.0
  • New KeePass installs now use version 2.20

Known limitation: Newsgroup authentication prompts in Thunderbird do not work with KeeFox.

Apple Mac support: The immaturity of the Mono platform that Mac users require to make KeePass work is keeping KeeFox Mac support in beta testing for the time being. You can install the development version if you'd like to give it a try (it seems to mostly work if you have some patience and know what you're doing)

Version 1.1.2 has a number of technical modifications from the previous 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 beta releases but most should be entirely invisible to users.

Detailed changes since 1.1.0:
Setup for Firefox 64bit builds (e.g. Waterfox) should now work in more cases;
Changed type of link on install_mono.xul setup page;
Various changes to avoid global namespace pollution;
FIXED: Logging from preference and quit observers;
FIXED: Quit observer was not running shutdown procedure (probably had no noticeable effect in the real world);
Made text selectable on mono setup page;

Version 593.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 16.*

Version 1.0 includes digitally signed executables that help you enjoy a seamless setup process. It also contains several stability and logging improvements.

More details of the changes are below:

  • Sensitive logging warning feature added
  • Sensitive logging option removed from main options panel
  • Logs written when sensitive logging is enabled will now be prefixed with !!
  • FAMS debug logging disabled
  • Fixed variables that were unintentionally leaking into global scope
  • No longer tell users when KPRPC loses its connection to KeeFox (it should automatically recover anyway)
  • The three executables used to aid initial setup are now digitally signed
  • Logo on setup screen is subtly improved

NB: The only difference between 0.9.6b and 1.0 is a subtle change to the KeeFox logo on the setup screen.

Version 583.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 13.*

Changes this time:

  • HTTP Auth login boxes now correctly state when no matching passwords were found
  • New domain matching rules prevent IP addresses from matching incorrectly
  • Improvements to message/tip display (easier to prevent the same message appearing again once you've seen it)
  • Miscellaneous changes to meet recent Firefox add-on best practice guidelines
  • Dutch translation added

Also note that (thanks to krbvroc1) you can now run KeeFox on Linux and Mac systems but we've not had enough beta testing feedback to enable support outside of the development channel.

Please install version 0.9.5b if you want to help us test KeeFox on Linux or Mac systems. There are no significant changes between version 0.9.5b and 0.9.5 so you're not missing out by moving to the development channel. 0.9.6b will be pushed to the development channel in a couple of weeks so if there are any important changes that need to be made to improve Linux and Mac support it would be great to hear about them soon.

Version 590.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 11.*

This version works with KeePass 2.18. It also adds a new message display service aimed primarily at new users (but which I hope to extend to delivery of important security notifications in the future).

If you have already upgraded to KeePass 2.18 before installing KeeFox 0.9.4 or later you will need to "paste and go" this URL in your location bar and click "Upgrade KeeFox":

There are no changes since the beta version 0.9.4b.

Full list of changes:

  • Works with KeePass 2.18 (and installs it by default for new users)
  • .NET installer is now .NET 4 (Client Profile)
  • Firefox addon messaging service (FAMS) added to help new users with handy tips, other important messages and potentially future security notifications - see for more details
  • Fixed bug that caused old style HTTP realm data, priority selection and alternative URL data to be lost under some circumstances during migration to the current advanced string formatting scheme
  • Users of FF4 and above can now setup KeeFox automatically even if they have non-latin characters in their profile path
  • Fixes #116 (bad regexp in any entry breaks keefox) - KeeFox no longer breaks and also notifies the user of the problematic regular expression
  • Locales updated
  • .NET framework detection considered successful if 2 or 4 installed (also should work on x64 FF builds now)
  • New version of Jayrock libraries added; modified to work in .NET 4 Client Profile
  • Projects/solution source code upgraded to run on VS2010
  • other minor changes

Version 573.0 KiB Works with Firefox 3.5 - 10.*

Now works with KeePass 2.17

Additionally KeeFox will no longer prompt to save a password if you're not logged into a KeePass database.

Note that a few strings are "NOT TRANSLATED" for non-English users - they shouldn't be crucial to understanding the add-on and will be replaced with correct translated versions as soon as possible. Sorry, this decision was the lesser of two evils!

See the release notes for 0.9.3a for more detail of the other minor changes included in this release.