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  • Once the most convenient translator unfortunately has stopped working and still not fixed. Popups refuse to show up on webpages randomly.
  • I can just it is perfect
  • Firefox 68.0.1 x64 winbugs10 x64.
    It still does not work correctly despite the recent update. T_T
    I fixed!!
    If I do not work when updating the extension.
    try to modify the options, check and uncheck the options.
    I did it and now it works correctly.
  • Great addon which unfortunately stopped to work properly with the newest Firefox vesion.
  • no translation after clicking on popup
  • it was awesome add ins for firfox and handy, but in new version firefox and also this add ins new version translator popup is not working, can easily translate but in reverse translating time pop up does not work, which was working before. hopefully it will be resolve soon in next update. and also ctrl + Z and does not keep the history of previous messages. which all was working before.
  • "Click to show the translation" does not work.