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  • Overall set up process of Gnome extensions is needlessly overcomplicated. However it works well after all steps and instructions.
    Let's look how is it complicated eg on Gentoo GNU/Linux:
    1. emerge -av chrome-gnome-shell
    2. Go to extensions.gnome.org and click "install extension"
  • Firefox 70.0.1. White page instead of list installed extensions
    There was a error at e.g.o. that is fixed now.
  • I like this extension I use it , it's useful but since the last update of firefox to 70.0 (linux fedora) it's like the extension isn't installed but it is !!?? I always must install it and cannot use the site gnome shell extension to set my extensions installed.
  • not working STUPIDLY in FIREFOX ... I say because there is no reason ... chrome-gome-shell is installed!!!!
  • extensão corrupta no firefox e no gnome
  • Installation aborted because the add-on appears to be corrupt.
  • the best