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  • It's great when it works, but it stopped working awhile ago for me.

    Thanks for review, if you have problems with extension you can send me email with more informations (eg. what exactly stop working).
    So sorry for any problems that you have, extension is still in beta so not always everything works.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Works great, simple and easy to use.

    FYI, you can not suspend a tab that you are looking at (active page).
    Also if you see that some sites do not suspend, check the options, by default pined tabs, audio playing tabs are not suspendable, you need to uncheck this in options.

    Thanks and Good job Piotr!
  • Thank you so much. A white-list would be AWESOME!
  • This is what I was looking for. There are other tab suspenders for Firefox, but this one is the best for me as it keeps the suspended/hibernated tabs frozen as I click on them. This feature was what i was missing from TGS over at Chrome.

    As a little advice for the developer, you could make that as a tickbox option. And possibly make the suspended tab page a little more pretty (use that space to your advantage). Also, a little request, is it possible to make that page dark? (would be AMASING!)
    Hello and thanks for review!

    A moment ago I released new version of addon that contain simple dark mode!
    There also some more new features!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • I'm lovng this add-on and it has made Firefox usable again for me. As others have noted, it's very comparable to The Great Suspender. I wanted to request a feature if it is not yet already in the works. My favorite feature of TGS is that when it suspended a Youtube video it would save the timestamp in the URL. Though maybe some of my privacy add-ons are interfering with this somehow.
    Hello and thanks for your review!

    I think that feature which you mentioned could be very useful!
    I will add this feature to task list.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • As one who opens hundreds of tabs at times, this addon is a lifesaver.
  • Using FF68.0.1 in spanish, the addon's behavior is quite random. I still couldn't manage to find the "suspend other tabs" or the "right/left" features, and a whietelist should be a must. Still, 3 stars because the automatic suspending works as it should
    Hello, thanks for review!

    Options related to manual suspending are available when you click on tab with right button of mouse.
    If you will still have problems, feel free to send me e-mail!
    Whitelist will be added in future.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Does its job, but seems to have been (update: partially) broken by Firefox v68.0.
  • It may look experimental, but really does a good job. I missed this feature so much after migrating browsers.
  • thx for the hardwork
    one suggestion: how about add feature to auto reload when viewing tab in suspension

    Thanks for your review! Feature that you mentioned is in plans, but first I need to fix bugs related with auto-suspending and write some code tests!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Seemingly does what should. Would love to have a "dark mode" option for the suspended tab screen though. As it it, it's a bit blinding every time I go to open a suspended tab.

    Dark mode will come after all bug fixes! Sorry for 'blinding' effect - discard page is still bit raw and unfinished!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Has potential, but when I found it doesn't auto-reload tabs on re-opening them, I removed it, but it had unloaded those tabs already and lost the URL, so I had to manually search to find the sites I had open.
    Hello topbob!

    Thanks for review and reporting issue!
    There is still some problems and bugs on which I work.
    Extension is still in experimental state!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Seems to work perfectly fine. I'd like to suggest something that would be massively beneficial, and that "The great suspender" has as a feature: The ability to load the page as soon as you select it.

    With a few more options/features, it'd be a 5 star add -on.

    Thanks for review, more features are on the way - but first I need to fix some bugs!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Overall, better than the Google Chrome app (The Great Suspender) and better than many other options available for Firefox.

    - Does what it is intended to do and nothing more (that I can tell)
    - Not in the way, doesn't add a useless icon to the toolbar and doesn't have a pop up to add to the CF of syncing your account on a new machine (or fresh install)
    - Easily modify the settings to adjust how long until tab timeout.
    - Thoughtlessly saves CPU and memory resources in the world of JS hogging memory with its crappy variable definitions that enable hogs (like trackers) to not only spy on you, but use your computer's resources to do so.

    - No carryover of settings to new browsers/fresh install (likely more of a Mozilla issue), meaning if you forget to adjust it, everything gets frozen
    - Restored tabs do not return to point on page you left reading, so if you are doing something like referencing several pages and forget to pin something, you will loose your place (also likely a Mozilla issue)
    - More options would be nice (or plug-ins to other extensions allowing suspension and tab grouping to be united in function)
    - suspended tabs have a new (Mozilla defined) url, which throws off tab grouping
  • Almost a perfect replacement for 'The Great Suspender' from Chrome, but the automatic suspension has been unreliable:

    - Pinned Tabs are still getting suspended now and then even with 'Never Suspend' enabled
    - Audio Playing Tabs are still getting suspended now and then even with 'Never Suspend' enabled
    - I have '600' seconds set for my auto suspension timer, but sometimes tabs will be suspended almost immediately when I switch to another one

    Very good otherwise!

    Sorry for bugs that you have!
    I'm still actively working on extension, in future versions bugs that you mentioned will be fixed!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr