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  • I've tried quite a few, and this extension could easily become my favorite "tab suspender". I'm missing some features like a contextual menu (inside current webpage) with whitelist/blacklist options. Sill, thanks, and great work.
  • Tried a bunch. I like this one. Specifically, it helps when switching to suspended tabs, it's not auto-reloaded. And it has suspend all left or right tabs functionality.
  • отвратительно, потерял вкладки и историю просмотра, зачем я установил ЭТУ хрень? Тупо хотел повысить эффективность браузера остановив не нужные вкладки а в результате разу же попал на это вредительское расширение , почему в мазиле это не может стоять такая функция по умолчанию чтобы не рисковать!?

    UPD чтоб ты эдох тот кто сделал это расширение, не заваливай интернет всяким хламом если не умеешь делать нормальные продукты.

    Be aware that extension is still in experimental phase of developement.

    If you don't know how to correctly use my extension or if you have any kind of problems you can write issue on Github or contact me via E-mail it will be helpful for making better product.

    Anyway, for next time don't be rude to other people.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Thanks Michalewicz, looking good so far. But perhaps a manual suspend issue has crept in. I've just installed for the first time with v3.5.0 and the "Suspend" option in the tab context menu doesn't do anything. If I choose "Suspend All to the right", for instance, then manual suspend works and tabs to the right do suspend.

    In current version this is not possible to suspend active tab (any other should work).
    The way how it works now is unintuitive. I'm rewriting this system according to user's feedback.
    I'm glad that you like my addon. In new version system will be works better but please be patient because I'm working on extension after my full-time job so developement process is slow.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • ¡Excelente para optimizar la memoria ram!
  • I went from a 4 to a 2 star, This add-on is great but needs a lot more work.
    Sometimes it does not work and you can't save your settings.
  • I tested several tab suspending add-ons But I like this one.
    However the settings to suspend tabs after number of seconds (default is 60) does not work, instead the tabs are suspended right away which is annoying. I'm using FF 69.0
    Please fix it. Thanks!
    Hello and thanks for review!

    I'm glad that you like my extension.
    In next update this bug should be fixed!
    Please be patient because I work on extension when I can after work.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • 1) there is no whitelist yet
    2) there is no "Dont suspend during this session" (temporary whitelist)
    3) the suspended tab is registered in history so if I press the back arrow from a recently restored tab it goes back to the suspended page
    4) should not suspend tabs receiving text input

    Thanks for your review.
    Many features that you mentioned are in plans.
    Current builds are not finished product yet.

    "Dont suspend during this session" is great feature. I will add this to task list.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • does not suspend currently active tab :(
    no toolbar icon visible
    Hello and thanks for review!

    Code related with icon in toolbar is temporarily removed.
    New icon in toolbar will come with useful fast access popup menu.
    It is not bug, i just want to make that best I can without hurry.

    Currently suspending active tab is not allowed. A lot of people said me that the way how it works is annoying so in near future you can expect changes in way how it works.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • Works great, simple and easy to use.

    FYI, you can not suspend a tab that you are looking at (active page).
    Also if you see that some sites do not suspend, check the options, by default pined tabs, audio playing tabs are not suspendable, you need to uncheck this in options.

    Thanks and Good job Piotr!
  • Thank you so much. A white-list would be AWESOME!
  • This is what I was looking for. There are other tab suspenders for Firefox, but this one is the best for me as it keeps the suspended/hibernated tabs frozen as I click on them. This feature was what i was missing from TGS over at Chrome.

    As a little advice for the developer, you could make that as a tickbox option. And possibly make the suspended tab page a little more pretty (use that space to your advantage). Also, a little request, is it possible to make that page dark? (would be AMASING!)
    Hello and thanks for review!

    A moment ago I released new version of addon that contain simple dark mode!
    There also some more new features!

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr
  • I'm lovng this add-on and it has made Firefox usable again for me. As others have noted, it's very comparable to The Great Suspender. I wanted to request a feature if it is not yet already in the works. My favorite feature of TGS is that when it suspended a Youtube video it would save the timestamp in the URL. Though maybe some of my privacy add-ons are interfering with this somehow.
    Hello and thanks for your review!

    I think that feature which you mentioned could be very useful!
    I will add this feature to task list.

    Best regards,
    Michalewicz Piotr