66 reviews
  • Does not work.
  • I'd be interested in "Don't Fuck With Copy"
  • Just works. What more can I say? Nothing.
  • Doesn't work with Throne Kingdom at War...I already set Firefox for everywhere else....Anyone know a cut and paste for this game chat let me know...thx
  • Definitely a must have for me. I really appreciate bringing this to FireFox. Just wish this solution was available in Android itself...
  • Doesn't work with Facebook comments.
  • Best for copying code in web-based exams
  • Thank you so muck for create this add-on! You guys, rock!
  • Thanks so much for this extension! Websites that don't allow paste are so annoying and it's so wonderful to find an extension that enables users to overcome this obstacle. Really appreciate your work and the fact that you made this available to the Firefox community!