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  • Hi!

    At first few weeks this add-on worked excellent.

    Now, it doesn't. Usually, I have to reopen Mozzila app to make Dark Reader active.

    I'm using Samsung A70 Android smartphone, and I update Mozilla regulary.

    Do I have to update some other app or apps or system (which is google's) automatically? Or do I have to pay for comfort use of Dark Reader? Or this plug-in is not developing anymore?

    If I have to, what's the point...? Can you give me, please, link to some other plug-in with functional dark reading mode for web?

    Or do I have to stop update anything? I mean, I'm not complicated user, I can use Android 4 or 5, whatever...

    Best regards!
  • It's awesome. I like that the system is observative and recognizes what's in fashion.
  • Excellent and simple add-on for Firefox. It replaced the dark themes I had installed for multiple sites a lot more efficiently as it lets you tweak the appearance of each individual site. Plus it really is like a theme mod, not a layer that'd obscure even videos and pictures like some add-ons you'll find.
  • This is one of the must need Extension on my Firefox but the way it just stops working on few sites in completely unacceptable when it works quite fine on Chrome. LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram and Gmail doesn't work properly with this one where it doesn't make elements dark somewhere and sometime takes the entire site down with it just like Gmail.
  • Tried Dark Reader for a couple of weeks and had to uninstall. Keep getting script errors in conflict with regular Firefox use. Otherwise I like the features and controls. Script errors just became a nuisance.
  • отлично
  • Works fine so far, better than alternatives.
  • Is quite good when it works, but far too often Videos or Images are also completely 'blacked out' on websites, for instance on BBC or Amazon sites, thus making those pages/sites virtually unusable - shame