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  • The latest 3.0.0 update broke the addon. When you click the icon the menu doesn't show up.
  • A good addition, so on.
  • The "Whitelist" (and "Greylist") settings don't make any sense. I was looking for someting that could protect individual cookies and even if I could figure out how to manipulate the "Whitelist" and "Greylist" settings I doubt they would allow me to pick and choose which individual cookies to keep and which to discard.

    If you are looking for something easy to set up to protect certain individual cookies, this isn't it. Try Cookie Quick Manager instead.
  • Sehr nützlich und unkompliziert intuitiv zu benutzen.
  • добре е
  • Get concept, great addon. As the dev writes, this addon stands of shoulders of giants and extends the legacy of Self Destructing Cookies. Although the Preferences setting wording can be somewhat confusing at first, the documentation is helpful, and within a couple of minutes you'll have reached the "set and forget" stage. After you enabled the Auto Clean (click icon > Auto-clean enabled should be green. If not, click), you will be surprised about the tons of cookies that you're being force-fed. And yes, even if you think you're savvy with your other "no cookies allowed" addon, this addon will still be possible to hoover up "stray ones".
    And after you've seen that, you soon will disable the notifications (click the icon > Notification disabled), knowing that Cookie AutoDelete has your back...
  • Not work in Portable version? Or does not work in principle on Firefox 64+?
  • A really handy extension, which is useful for the automatic and convenient deletion of cookies. Helps to increase privacy while surfing.
  • A time existed when I didn't like this extension all that much. I thought it was ridiculous to delete cookies so often. Now I appreciate and love this extension for how it helps protect my privacy while browsing the internet.
  • A must have add-on if you care at all about privacy, security, and tracking.
  • This is on my top 3 list of must have add-ons for Firefox. I love how extremely easy it is to whitelist and greylist sites.