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  • It is not final
  • I was looking for something to replace TabMixPlus' ability to highlight tabs which have been "unread". This extension is not it! It kills off my theme, replacing it with garish white background (for menu bar and tab-bar) and neon candy-store colors for the active tab and bookmark bar. NO THANKS.
  • Once and if it is fixed I will give 5 stars, sure. I am not going to give 5 stars to "encourage and support" the developers to do this, one day, maybe. Sorry, no, that's not how it works.

    This is junk until fixed and it should have either been fixed over to the webextensions standard during the more than 1 year Mozilla gave or it should have continued to stay disabled as a legacy add-on until it was ready. Rolling out a broken update and expecting anything other than 1 star is whack.
  • I blame FF not the Colorful Tabs developer. Other favorites don't work as before either.

    What's a good substitute for FF (which I've had for many years)? Safari? Microsoft Edge? Chrome? What???????
  • Registered to give my 1 vote since it has gone berzerk with colours awash
  • Removed after 3 years. Better without after 57.
  • Shame. This was good once. Bye!
  • So broken, it is not even meaningful to review something that fundamentally does not do the basic thing it claims.
  • I decided not to update FF to 57 simply to keep this extension working on my PC - it just simplifies my online life!
    I'll wait to update till there's a full-functioning upgrade of Colorful Tabs.
  • It used to be better, now it changes the color of not only the tabs, but the entire theme. This is not acceptable and not beautiful. It would be better to remake it.
  • I'd love to give this a 5-star review, but I simply cannot.

    The developer has recently stopped providing support for versions of Firefox prior to 57 (Quantum), which also includes the latest Waterfox version (56). As such, the most-recent version of the add-on for versions prior to 57 (31.2.3) does not have support for multi-process. As such, you have to disable it to make the add-on work.

    If the developer is willing to provide an update for 31.2.3 to fix the multi-process bug, I will amend this review accordingly. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that I'd be willing to donate specifically for this to be done, so long as I could be guaranteed that donating would go specifically to this end.

    In the meantime, I will have to make do without multi-process.
  • It works for me. I like what the extension provides.
  • Das ist ja fürchterlich.
  • Add-on looks like a bad trip.
  • Mais comment désactiver ce fond insupportable et envahissant dans la dernière version??? Quelle idée de programmeur tordu a conduit à nous fatiguer les yeux à ce point!!! Merci de séparer l'onglet du reste, une simple;cas à cocher devrait suffire! Ecoutez les critiques, et bougez-vous! En attendant, je suspends cet add-on.
  • C'est nul!
  • Used to be my go to extension after any upgrade, but now, it is worthless. It is not at all compatible and will be uninstalled immediately.
  • No. Just no.
  • Up graded junk, WHY??
  • it's a garbage. DO NOT INSTALL
  • This has always been my VERY FIRST tab to install after doing an install of Firefox. I am so sad that this is now not working properly and as a result, I have uninstalled it.. It has always worked VERY well in the past. Now it causes my theme to not be shown. It takes over the colors for the title bar etc... PLEASE fix this...It has been one of the VERY best extensions up to this point.
  • What a joke. How is this "FF57 compatible"? Because it does not show as "legacy"?
  • Just poo now. Uninstalled.