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  • FF73 если панель вкладок опустить вниз экрана, дополнение не работает. Цвет меняется только у активной вкладке и у панели инструментов, все остальное белого цвета.
  • I would gladly change mu one star to 5 stars once dev. changes it to work as it used to work. I want to change the tabs and nothing else, I also want different coloring on different tabs, like one for active tab, one for the others, per site coloring.
    But I don't want my entire browser to change color. :(
    I really hope this previously great extension can be fixed.
  • The"new" colourful Tabs has nothing to do with the old one, which is shown in the screenshot. Actually it only colours the actual tab-and in the same coulour nearly the whole rest of the firfox header, exept the remaining tabs. The Top line colours change each time, you choose an other tab-which is more a nerve taking lightshow, because of the shrill colours, than helpful, as it was earlier! (and as it is shown falsely in the screenshot)
  • No longer works with the Tree Style Tab add-on so will need to look elsewhere or go without colors.
  • Geht seit dem letzten Update nicht mehr, jetzt ist firefox leider farbenlos.:-(
  • Absolutely love ColorTabs in Firefox! With so many tabs open, the customizable colors help me to stay organized and efficient. Thank you Shivanand!
  • The 11/15/2019, update killed ColorfulTabs. The color is gone! Please fix or it is useless!
  • used to be a good addon. now its useless. doesnt do anything out of the ordinary. doesnt colour any tabs at all. waste of time installing it.
  • Work perfectly with GNU/Linux application. But the theme defined in Firefox on Windows 10 don’t apply, the color in the windows bar is changed by the color sheme defined in windows settings. Finally, is logic. But I have a dark theme defined in Firefox, I prefer that colorfultabs don’t affect the color in Firefox panels (bookmarks, …).
  • firefox does not ler the colorful tabs work the way they did in olderversions
  • I thought this would be like the old colorful tabs, it is not! It removed my themes, and introduced a bunch of garbage.
  • ayuda notablemente a identificar pestañas para que no cometas el error de cerrar alguna